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Bad Hair Day? Put a Lid on It

But put away the ball cap in favor of a fedora.

Diane Keaton help start all sorts of fashion trends playing Annie Hall.

Recently, in a meeting discussing some upcoming concert dates with my manager, she informed me that I, in fact,  look “ugly in baseball caps.” I didn’t know an office meeting about my career would need to be in black tie, but there we are then. So this got me thinking about alternatives for women on bad hair days. Or, to be honest, days you just don’t feel like the blow drier and endless products.  What’s a chic way to cap it off without resorting to a baseball cap? I have been seeing endless parades of models and friends alike returning to the fedora. I believe some of the fascination started with Diane Keaton and Annie Hall. Since then the fedora has been on everyone’s summer and resort runways. And Diane still looks amazing in them today.  So ditch the baseball cap.  Grab a fedora. Top it off right.

Super model Miranda Kerr looks great in a fedora and shades.


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