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Need Fashion Inspiration? Look In Your Husband's Closet

Dresses styled like men's dress shirts can be a great look dressed up or down.

A shirtdress from Coach.

I was recently at the country home of a dear friend, and former Rockette—we’ll call her Legs McGee—for the weekend, and she came out in the morning looking stunning (per usual).  But what was different was that she was dressed in what she had slept in—her husbands white cotton dress shirt.

This got me thinking.  Why aren’t more women wearing the classic shirtdress?  Just men’s shirting with proportions fit to a women’s body. It is perfect for most body types.  If you aren’t comfortable with the straight lines, you can add a belt, either low slug or tight at the waist. The options are endless. Perfect as a chic beach cover up, or for lunch outside.

Because of its simplicity you could layer tons of turquoise necklaces underneath and look uber chic while still not being overdone or look as if you are trying to hard.  Ralph Lauren even has a more sophisticated version with a sheer overlay that would be beautiful for cocktails or dinner.

The right variation on the shirtdress has an ease and non fussy, yet polished and considered nature I think feels modern and perfect for this moment.

Not all shirtdresses are created equally, and, yes, there are some that will not work. You have to try them on and see how you will make it perfect for you. After all, what is more comfortable than your husband’s shirt?

Ralph Lauren glams up the shirtdress look.


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