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Third Street South Restobar Opens with All “The Bevys” You Want

There’s a full menu, too—a darn good one at that—alongside ultra-premium craft cocktails and unique wines by the glass.

We’ve been waiting so long, we could taste it.

Now that we have, it was worth the wait.

The Bevy, an outdoor patio with a super-cool retractable roof off one of Naples' most charming bougainvillea-lined thoroughfares, leaves no doubt that you’ll linger under the stars once you step in.

The plein-air concept was dreamt up by developer Adam Smith, a Neapolitan originally from Great Britain, and he hopes people will gather to “sip + socialize” (the watering hole’s rather cute and apropos tagline)—and have some comforting dishes along the way.

There’s a killer grass-fed burger, fried oysters atop candied deviled eggs, a classic steakhouse wedge and a roast chicken with mash (among other, fuller plates). Something totally different for Third Street South are the menu’s three tacos (the kind you’d find in Mexico, not El Paso)—plus a prix fixe for furry friends that includes a milk bone with peanut butter smear and choice of beef, chicken or salmon as the main course, plus the cheeky “toss-up Tuesday” challenge where you order a full-price beverage and the bartender flips a coin to see whether or not you’ll have to pay for it.

Speaking of those signature “bevys” (British slang cleverly used here), they’re both nuanced and beautiful, like the smoky margarita made from Mezcal (instead of tequila) with a botanical garnish clipped on the side. The wine list, crafted by Bruce Nichols, a local wine guru who is about to open his own boutique, features many by-the-glass offerings, most from independent, small producers from across the world and highly rated by wine experts (there’s even a key to the ratings system at the bottom). Not wanting to overlook another gastropub staple, The Bevy also has bottled brews and a few beers on tap.

For the Cedar Fire Old Fashioned, part of the thrill is the preparation. A glass gets smoked with a blowtorch

and then placed face down on a plank, before the strained Bastille 1789 whiskey mixture is poured in with an ice cube frozen with orange wedges and cherries.  


To plan a visit:

The Bevy

360 12th Ave. S., Naples

(239) 228-4220



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