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Style File: Tighten Up

Corsets are no longer just an instrument of fashion torture. They can be beautiful, too.

Agent Provocatuer

I was recently visiting with my dearest friend, and former supermodel, Anne Austin and we got onto the subject of corsets. Anne, from Tennessee and subscribing to the Dolly Parton school of beauty was regaling me with her life of having corsets made by a very small and specific family run business in lower Manhattan. Her philosophy: If you could easily breathe, the corset wasn’t tight enough.

This got me thinking about the beautiful corsets and undergarments I had recently bought for a client all from Agent Provocateur. The name is more scandalous than the beautiful undergarments found there. Some so beautiful we chose to use as underpinnings to a simple slim black suit she owned. So whether on top or underneath. It’s something every woman should consider having in her beauty arsenal. agentprovocateur.com

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