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Jun 12, 201411:07 AMAlong the Gulfshore

Gulfshore Life’s editors explore Southwest Florida

Style File: Skip Socks

Style File: Skip Socks

I have been doing this for years.  I think it started during my time at Ralph Lauren.  And by “this” I mean going sockless. I know it was solidified when I was in Milan and saw it everywhere—stylish sockless peacock men in colored pants.  Now we are seeing American men of all ages in suits sans socks—from New York to Los Angeles—In lace ups as well as loafers.  Bare ankles seem to be the thing and they are perfect for Florida.  And if you are worried about your shoes—or your feet—they have recently come out with a sock that hides just around the base of your foot.  So you can even go sockless while wearing socks. Give it a try.

The look is especially great with colored pants.


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