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Style File: These Kitties Have Claws

Kitten heels can be just as fierce and fabulous as their taller sisters.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.



From top: Kitten heels from Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and Valentino.

Recently as I was dressing a client for a black tie dinner she was hosting, she passionately argued her hatred for high heels. This added to the chorus from my dearest friends and mother about the bodily pain of high heels. So we started the conversation of options. I couldn’t imagine her in a gown with flats. I'd have to deny that I knew her.  So as not to become the Apostle Peter, I stumbled upon the long over looked stepsister of the stiletto: The kitten heel.

We found the perfect kitten heel. In her floor length gown its crystal toe peaked out ever so slightly with every step and still gave her that posture that only a heel (regardless of size) can give. So for everyone who can’t abide heels of the skyscraper variety. Give the kitten a try. Manolo, Valentino, Weissman and more all make beautiful kittens. This is my kind of pet store.

I think the kitten heel is about to have a moment of its own. There is something about them that seems new, subtle, graceful and chic. They aren't trying so hard to be noticed. I am not saying I endorse every version of any shoe.  But when done exceptionally well, they may eclipse their sister yet.

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