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Fashion Don't: UGG Indeed

Fashion Don't: UGG Indeed

Uggs make your feet look like an elephant's.

They are called UGGs for a reason. When you go to the dictionary online and ask to define "ugh" it says: “used to express disgust or horror.” When you simplify to "ug" it states: "(Ugly) displeasing to the senses; Any ugly face; ugly furniture.”

Thus I begin my conversation about the UGG boot. One of the only pieces of footwear that can make a lovely lady's ankle appear to be the size of an elephant and cut a woman’s leg in the worst possible location. I am not sure where the allegiance to this boot came from but I beg you to try another boot. For your consideration and its replacement: A classic riding boot. Always chic. Always simple. Fits the leg and accentuates it. Long and lean. Every designer has a variation, and whether paired with denim or leggings you will always look pulled together. And no one will need say “ugg” again.

The original UGG boot looks more like something you'd wear to walk the dog than fashionable footwear..

Switch out your UGGs for a stylish riding boot, like this look from Ralph Lauren.


Mar 12, 2014 11:00 pm
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This is so true! Remember the The Emperor's New Clothes? Nobody dared mention that the emperor was naked. Naked is an improvement on Uggs.

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