November 29, 2015

Along the Gulfshore

Gulfshore Life’s editors explore Southwest Florida

May 2012


Photo of the Week: Sanibel Island Sunrise

Can you say “slice of heaven”? Taken by Chip Evans, Sanibel Island shows off its early morning beauty with a calm, multicolored sky and rolling waves. Photo by Chip Evans

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Photo of the Week: Flowering Strawberry Tree

Apart from the vibrant, saturated colors that make this photo from Naples Botanical Garden so striking, its intrigue comes from the texture of the wrinkled petals. Photo Copyright: Al

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Photo of the Week: Kite over Cape Marco

We love the creative way this week's photo was captured - from a kite flying above Cape Marco.The expanse of water, ranging from sea-foam to forest green, creates a stunning tableau of a small piece of the Gulf of Mexico. Photo copyright: James Powers

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Photo of the Week: Seagull over Marco Island

When we're at the beach eating lunch and suddenly we find ourselves surrounded by a horde of greedy seagulls, the birds seem a bit pest-like. But in this photo of the week, the seagull's dignity is restored - here he is soaring majestically above Marco Island, against the background of an azure sky.   Photo Copyright: Mike Fiddleman

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