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Take a Note

If you've have to work, do it with this stylish notebook from Hermes.












In an ideal world, everything I own would be Hermes. I do not live in that world. However, I visit that world and consume from it far more often than I possibly should. I justify this because nothing I have bought from the luxury brand has ever gone out of style, and I still use everything to this day. So at least in this case the luxury is also the best quality and chicest appearance. (I don’t own the H buckled belt because no one really needs to advertise for a company—especially in that region.)

It came as no surprise to me when needing the perfect notebook, for meetings and to sketch in, I found it at Hermes. The Ulysses notebook is the Bentley of bound-paper writing tablets. Simple. Perfect. The notebook comes with lined or unlined paper that snaps into the gorgeous leather book. So when you use one up. You can easily store it and merely snap another in. Every client I meet with asks where I got it. Last week I was at ABC Home meeting with a designer who has done interiors for late night talk show hosts and supermodels alike, and he left after the meeting with me to go buy one for himself. It isn’t inexpensive by any means. But it has already survived a year of planes, trains, gym socks and automobiles with me and is still as beautiful as the first day. Never get a second chance at a first impression. And if you have to be working, it might as well be with something gorgeous. hermes.com

The perfect notebook up close.


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