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Versatile Luxury: The Many Ways To Tie Hermes

Versatile Luxury: The Many Ways To Tie Hermes

There is a reason Miranda Priestley in The Devil Wears Prada is forever sending her assistant to buy scarves from Hermes. They are the perfect gift and one of the best accessories a woman can have. On bad hair days use it to tie your hair up. On good hair days it keeps hair in place in your convertible. With a simple outfit as a neck scarf to offer some visual interest. There are websites dedicated to ways of tying these silk beauties. I have seen them on girls of 18 and women of 80. Perfect for a trip to the beach or a lunch outside. Even tied around your bag they scream luxury, and the applications are limitless. Treat yourself. Treat a friend. The Hermes scarf is the one gift with which you simply can’t go wrong.

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