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Feel Good

How to Slow Down Life

Feels like time flies, doesn’t it? Actually, it doesn’t have to.

Lower Your Stress—with a Shot

A day when you could get a stress shot, not unlike a flu shot, could be soon.

The Best Running Shoes Are ...

The ones that least resemble shoes.

Is It Time to Get a Sleep Divorce?

Sleeping in separate rooms may be great for your marriage.

How Long Does It Take to Get Happy?

Just 10 minutes of exercise can work wonders.

Five Easy Ways to Live Longer

Eat well, don't smoke or drink too much, exercise and keep an average weight. Easy enough?

Maybe Cool It on Facebook for a Bit

We realize the irony if you're seeing this on Facebook.

Wine Without the After-Effects?

A hangover-free future may be on the horizon.

Say No to Snoozing

The snooze button is doing you no favors.

Coping with Loss Through Writing

One of the best ways to work your way through the grieving process may be to pick up a pen and put it to paper.

There's A Perfect Time for Everything

The best time to get surgery, drink that first cup of coffee and give yourself a break.

Take the No-Sugar Challenge

An easy way to ween yourself off sugar.
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