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Feel Good

Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat. Who Wins?

Answer: vegetables

Eat Mindfully

Slowing down your meals may help you keep weight off.

Put. Down. The. Nuggets.

Study: Ultra-processed foods linked to increased risk of cancer

Florida Ranks High in Resident Well-Being

The annual Gallup-Sharecare State of Well-Being Index was released Tuesday.

Feel Good: How A Dog Could Save Your Life

Plus: Add weights to lose weight

When Too Much News Is Bad News

How staying plugged into current events can cause stress

Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolution Again

We haven’t forgotten.

Eat Pizza for Breakfast

Seriously, it’s better for you than cereal.

How to Avoid Getting Sick

You can’t fully escape, but these tips will help.

Try This to Fall Asleep Faster

How to stop tossing and turning

Florida Named Best State to Retire

The Sunshine State ranks high for affordability, quality of life.

The Flu is Here. Be Prepared.

Flu season is bad—as expected.
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