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Feel Good

Stop Sending Emojis in Your Work Email

Seriously, people.

Expect a Bad Flu Season

Doctors weigh in on what we're in for.

Pull a Shade Over Your Cellphone at Night

Apps like NightShade can help, but other techniques may be better.

Stressed? Take 5—or 15

Just 15 minutes alone can be enough to make you feel better.

How to Approach Holiday Meals

Don’t eat less to save up for big splurges.

Tips on How to Lower Your Blood Pressure

The American Heart Association recently adjusted what it considers high blood pressure.

How Long Should You Take Off Work When You’re Sick?

Please don’t infect us.

Guys, Quit Wearing Shoes Without Socks

It’s cool, but stinky.

Rough Night? Your Brain Is Feeling Sluggish, Too

A new study looks at how sleep deprivation affects brain cells.

What Makes Naples So Happy?

Blue Zones Project Founder Dan Buettner gives insight.

How Much Is Too Much Halloween Candy?

Too many treats can trick your body.

Motivate Yourself to Better Health

Simple ways to get exercise
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