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Say No to Snoozing

The snooze button is doing you no favors.

How New Technology is Helping Patients With Heart Failure Live Longer

One man's story of how a ventricular assist device saved his life.

Healthy Guy, Healthy Life

How maintaining a strong digestive system can lead to whole-body wellness.

Take the No-Sugar Challenge

An easy way to ween yourself off sugar.

Mind Your Breath … and Prosper

How the hot new mindfulness movement helped this writer and can give you a boost, too.

Coffee: Good or Bad?

Let's settle this debate once and for all.

Don't Let Email Hijack Your Life

Your brain can only take so much—know when to set limits.

Grunt Your Way to Victory

Turns out Monica Seles was onto something.

Crank Up the Tunes for a Better Workout

Study: Listening to music can give you a boost during exercise.

5 Ways to Feel Good in May

Health and wellness events in Southwest Florida

Genome in the Palm of Your Hand

A new device may revolutionize DNA mapping.

Money Can't Buy Happiness—But It Can Buy Self-Esteem

A new study shows how money affects our emotional lives.
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