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Estero Resident Hosting 'Metsquerade' Fundraiser for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research

Karin Petrocelli is bringing together women from across the country to raise awareness of the often overlooked form of cancer.

Why Expensive Wine Tastes Better

Or does it? A new study finds how our brain tricks us.

Yes, You Can Lose Weight at Any Age

Being active the older you get is easier than you think.

Dr. Aurora Badia's Quest for a Friendlier Doctor's Office

Plus: Change your mindset about exercise, natural ways to clear up your skin and much more

Letting Go ... Just Enough: Finding Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Over-programmed in her desire to excel at parenting, writing, dancing and friendship, the author learns ways to relax.

5 Fitness Apps to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Downloaded, tested and approved

Feel Good: TriTone Fit Dances to a Different Beat

Plus: Think before you LaCroix

How Hot Weather Makes You Less Friendly

Be nice, Southwest Florida.

Feel Good: The CEREC Means Fewer Dentist Visits

Plus: Why isn't the DASH Diet popular?

Think Again Before Wearing Flip-Flops

Hate to spoil the fun, but flip-flops are terrible for your feet.

Does Your Sunscreen Meet Its SPF Expectations?

Study says: Not always.

Feel Good: Save Your Heart Through Exercise

Plus: How to get even fitter in your old age.
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