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Feel Good Report: How Worrying Can Be Good for You

Anxiety isn't all bad.

Feel Good Report: How to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

Tips for those in and out of sunny Southwest Florida

Feel Good Report: Study: Love Can Mend A Broken Heart

... almost.

Ahead of the Curve: New ways to stay fit in Southwest Florida

From pole dancing to arctic workouts, there are some cool new ways to stay in shape.

Feel Good Report: So, Can Bacon Really Kill You?

Feel Good Report: Lift Weights to Make Your Brain Stronger

Yes, you read that right. Here's why.

Feel Good Report: U.S. Ranks in Top 10 of Quality of Death Index

What made us No. 9, and who else made the list?

Feel Good Report: How a Little Relaxation Can Save You Money

Sign us up for office hammocks.

Feel Good Report: Chocolate—Is It Really That Good for You?

Please, let the answer be yes!

Feel Good Report: Face-to-Face Interaction Better for Mental Health than Social Media

A new study says much about preventing depression in this day and age.

Feel Good Report: How Hearing Loss Can Affect You as You Age

Don't put off seeking help if you suspect you are suffering from hearing loss.

Feel Good Report: Fidgeting—The Hot New Workout

... or so says a new study.
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