November 25, 2015

Creative Spirit: Dave Humphrey

Since the late '70s, Dave Humphrey of Humphrey Rosal Architects has been putting a modern spin on the traditional design elements that have come to define the area. Humphrey may be best known for the striking clubhouses he's designed for such developments as Shadow Wood Preserve and Miromar Lakes, but the Promenade in Bonita Springs earned him a first-place award from the International Council of Shopping Centers. Who are your design heroes? Chicago's Kohn, Peterson and Fox; they did a bunch of architecture that was not trendy-almost three-dimensional sculptures. They're serious about form. What local trends don't you like? The proliferation of historical elements used improperly. What's the future of design here? The transitional style-a contemporary execution of some historically familiar elements. It's much more refreshing, exciting and inspiring than the sameness that is so, basically, dull. Most-cherished example of great design? An 1800s French armoire; there's not one square inch that's not carved. It's so full of craftsmanship and pride. You can feel this guy's pain. What makes you happy? When someone goes through a building and says, "I went through those spaces and I felt such a range of emotions. And when I saw that you did it, I wasn't surprised."

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