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Wish List for 2009

Robert Cacioppo: I look forward to the economy improving; more people moving into our area than leaving; lots of great art; beautiful weather and not one major hurricane; and … our youngest child leaving home for college, leaving me alone with my beautiful wife.

Frank Haskell: Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address said, “The government of the United States of America is of the people, by the people and for the people.” It is my hope that a new administration will direct its executive powers so that we, the people, will once again form a more perfect union. I hope bitterness and conflict within the Congress will be overcome with a spirit of bipartisanship in legislative actions that will once again restore the United States as a respected power and leader throughout the free world.

Sandra Stilwell: I look forward to calm waters, beautiful sunsets, lots of fishing, enjoying our beaches on Captiva Island and spending more time with my family, friends and loved ones. In the not-for-profit arena, I see that it will be a challenging year raising funds for the charities that I love, support and volunteer for. On a business level, I know that it will be a year of focusing on running my businesses as streamlined as possible without giving up quality or customer service.

Kellie Burns-Garvey: We are so blessed to live in Southwest Florida, where the beaches are wide, the sand white and the sunsets wonderful. Anytime I feel down and worried about the economy or the future for my four-year-old son, I take a drive across the Sanibel causeway. It makes me thankful for the spectacular piece of the planet I call home.

Mary Susan Clinton: To allocate my time and energy efficiently and target recent market opportunities. However, my most intense focus will be conduciveness to simplicity in living ... appreciating the basics. Simple living is about living consciously with a purpose—and what an opportune environment like the diversity of Collier County to expand upon this template of life for my family.

Bruce Yamron: Our area’s brilliant sunshine and beautiful environment seem to bring out the best in people. Residents and visitors care about many good causes and try actively to make life better for others. My wish for the New Year is that this will not change.

Joe Cox: What I have always enjoyed about Naples is the opportunity to meet so many people from a multitude of different places. Varied and interesting backgrounds in the business world, fascinating success stories plus the ever-growing influx of foreign investors all add to the richness of the Naples experience.

Jacke McCurdy: A new administration, no more political commercials for a while, hopefully the restoration of mutual respect between the parties and countries that we previously enjoyed, and the ability, through a recovered economy, to attend a season of charity events helping the less fortunate in Southwest Florida.

Elliott H. Singer: 1) Hopefully good health. I did not understand it at a young age when I looked forward to material things, but as I became older, I learned what it meant when my mother said, “We all hope and pray for good health.” Not in order of importance: 2) Hopefully an improved golf game, 3) Continuing to drink good Bordeaux, and 4) Great times with the good friends we have established in Naples.

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