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Person of Interest: Dr. Elizabeth Fox

Elizabeth Fox“Push Beyond Your Comfort Level”

Tranquil grounds. Walking into Fox Plastic Surgery Center, one feels calm. Natural light pours in from the large windows and paints the blonde hardwood floors. A lover of architecture, Dr. Elizabeth Fox designed every aspect of the building from the blue lapis countertops to the tranquil gardens. “It is for the comfort of people that walk in. I’m saying to them, ‘rest.’”

Essence of life. When traveling, Fox studies architecture. “Tuscany is my favorite place to go. With small rustic areas and little alleyways you don’t feel like you are going to the same city over and over. Italian people understand the essence of things, not just the product.”

Music and medicine. At age 17, Fox was an accomplished pianist, winning numerous awards. She received a full scholarship to study violin at the Manhattan School of Music. Fox chose to pursue medicine and was equally talented in this field. “Medicine and music both involve being accurate, technical and looking at the details as well as the larger picture. I do not play music anymore, but I love that I have that background. It helped develop my thinking and concentration.”

Pushing the limits. “When I hit 50, I want to kite surf. It may be for 30 seconds, but I would like to push myself beyond my comfortable element. I believe that if you don’t push yourself beyond your comfort level, your life becomes mundane.”

A child’s perspective. “My kids let me see life through a totally different perspective. I have a lot of happiness and feel very blessed with these two very sweet little boys. I am happy day to day instead of once in awhile because the perspective is not on me—it is on them.”

A good day. “I have this little organic garden at my house, and I’m always surprised when actual fruit comes. It’s really quite beautiful. The kids love digging in the dirt. They kick up most of what I’ve planted, but I love gardening with them.” With a full life, Fox says there is room for more love. “Sometimes when I come home and I have two kids in my arms, I’m relaxed. I enjoy that peace. My next focus is on finding a wonderful man to be a part of my life.”

This article appears in the January 2012 issue of Gulfshore Life.

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