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Renee MartinFashion Statement

Seen at: The Community School of Naples’ Angel Ball at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples

Seen with: Husband, Robert

On her: The dress is from Petunias of Naples on Fifth Avenue South, and her necklace was purchased on the Rue de Rivoli as a gift from her husband during a trip to France.

She chose this because: “The theme of the event is ‘The Enchanted Garden.’ When I put this dress on, I felt like a swan.”

Her favorite designer: Roberto Cavalli


The Right FitThe Right Fit

Cheryl Lampard, founder of Style Matters International, answers your questions each month.

Dear Cheryl,

I am between sizes when it comes to pants. The smaller size does “fit,” but I am uncomfortable, especially in the way that it looks in the back. The next size up is too big in the body of the pants, but feels comfortable. Do you have any advice (other than losing weight)? —Ellen, Naples

Dear Ellen,

Rare is the woman who can find something straight off the rack that fits perfectly, so expect to have some alterations. Start by ensuring that the pants fit your hips and thighs. A waistband that’s too big can easily be altered, whereas letting out side seams and inseams can alter the drape of the pants, even assuming there are generous seam allowances.

Pants must fit at the front. If the fabric is pulling, bunching or creating the dreaded camel toe, there is not enough fabric at the hip or upper thigh of the pants. Go for a bigger size. Excess fabric at the back can be removed.

As well as checking how the pants fit when you’re standing, it’s important to see what happens when you sit down. Pay attention to the zipper, which should lie smoothly along your abdomen. If the zipper pulls or bunches up, try pants with a slightly lower waistline (for example, one that sits an inch below your navel).

While the fit at the front is vital, don’t forget to check how they fit on your rear. The fabric should ride smoothly over your derriere with no panty lines. Depending on the seam allowance, the back crotch seam can be deepened to alleviate this problem.

Submit your questions for consideration to jenniferf@gulfshorelife.com.


Style at Every AgeStyle at Every Age

True fashionistas come in all ages and sizes. Nine-year-old Savannah Harmon of Cape Coral created StellaPINK, a website that offers selection of accessories tailored for her young audience and a section called Club StellaPINK as a place for other budding style mavens to exchange advice on style and room décor. Memberships start at $50 (with discounts for siblings also available) at stellapink.com.


This article appears in the January 2012 issue of Gulfshore Life.

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