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Health + Fitness

10 Reasons We Need to Worry About Children's Mental Health in Florida

And five reasons for hope

The Lingering Effects of Childhood Traumas

Chloe’s Trauma and a Lesson Learned

‘I Never Thought That Would Happen in Our Family’

Behind the movement for early discovery and treatment of kids with emotional problems

Pickleball, Anyone?

Silly-sounding? Maybe. But our writer gets right on court to find out what it takes to succeed at this sport, who’s playing and why Southwest Florida is a hotbed for it.

Study: Exercise Eases Nicotine Withdrawal

Researchers at St. George’s University of London shared their findings.

Those with Egg Allergies Can Rethink the Flu Shot

Scientists found that the egg-allergic face no greater risk of a reaction to the immunization than the general public.

Drink Tea to Prevent Glaucoma?

Study says: Hot, caffeinated tea may do just that.

'Man Flu' Not a Joke After All?

Here's what a recent study said.

Follow These Tips from the CDC When Doing Your Holiday Baking

Sadly, sampling raw dough is not recommended.

Stop Sending Emojis in Your Work Email

Seriously, people.

Expect a Bad Flu Season

Doctors weigh in on what we're in for.
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