November 29, 2015

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Inside the Gulfshore's Dining Scene

December 2008


Hot Dish: Dec, 10, 2008

Inside the Gulfshore’s Dining Scene   Goodbye to Crü   It’s the end of a brief, yet glorious era for Fort Myers’ Crü, which offered the last of its “Lush Wines and Pure Food” on Sunday in The Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers.   Launched in 2004 by owners Liz and John Kagan with then-Executive Chef Shannon Yates, Crü rode the crest of the housing boom, as affluent realtors, mortgage brokers, attorneys and others enjoyed the hip scene, dining on expensive, delicious and creative food, champagne and fine wines. They often arrived in chauffeured limousines and didn’t blink at $600 tabs for an evening for four. Heady stuff in heady times.   Shannon Yates left for other ventures. Brian Roland became executive chef for a while, leaving in October to start M...

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