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Naples Winter Wine Festival 2011: The Moments We Cherish

Barbara and John Jordan, trusteesTrip of a Lifetime

In 2007, a year prior to becoming a trustee, John Jordan, 64, schemed a spectacular surprise for his wife, Barbara. His aim was two-fold: He would make a very serious contribution to the mission of NCEF, and he’d shock his wife with a sensational 60th birthday gift.

“The Lutgert family at the time owned the Andale, which was a 164-foot yacht, and they had placed the yacht into a lot for a seven-day, seven-night British Virgin Islands cruise for six couples. So, I didn’t talk to Barbara about it; I just thought, ‘Well, I’m sure it’s going to be more expensive than anything I’ve ever attempted to do,’ but I thought I’d see what would happen.

“So, the bidding started, and I started bidding on it.”

“I was shocked, I was excited, my heart started to beat so loud that I couldn’t hear anymore,” Barbara Jordan says. “It was the most wonderful thing he could have done, and that the money was going to help the children was just icing on the cake. I won’t ever forget it for the rest of my life”

“It was the trip of a lifetime,” John Jordan says. “Not only for us, but for another ten people that are very, very special to us.”

Recently, one of the friends the Jordan’s took on the trip passed away. This made that special trip with their friends all the more meaningful.

Barbara and John Jordan, trustees

Easing the Pain

Jim McGlothlin, 71, has three children and six grandchildren, each with a set of perfect pearly whites. In 2008, he discovered how important dental care was for all children when he was invited to the opening of the NCEF Pediatric Dental Center.

“When we went, it was at night, the kids were not there, but there were pictures of them with the dental problems they have, and you couldn’t look at them,” McGlothlin says. “It hurt so bad to look at a child that had a tooth sticking through their mouth or coming out the side of their gum. Then some children just had little black nubs on their teeth; you just couldn’t bear to look at the child because you knew the pain they had to have.

“It felt so depressing at one level and so good at another because you’re helping. You know that you’ve done something really good to help these children. It was a difficult moment, but it was one you were pleased that you could be helpful with.”

Jim McGlothlin, trustee


Bidding Wars Drama

You must be quick of mind and wrist to win a bidding war. Jay Baker, 77, is a bidding war veteran with several tales to tell. In 2011, the Bakers made a final winning bid of $1 million for an 8-foot-tall bronze sculpture, Reina Mariana, by Manolo Valdés. But one of the most intense bid wars Baker fought was for a trip to the Oscars.

“When we and Bob and Barbara Crown bid on the trip to go to the Oscars, we got into a very heated bidding war with another pair. Bob was doing the bidding and Patty and I kept saying, ‘Go one more, go one more.’ When we finally got it, we realized how much we spent to go to the Oscars. We each spent $500,000. It was a wild thing. In the heat of the moment in the bidding war, I think we all went a little crazy, but we had a good time.

“We’ve been in a lot of bidding wars. At the wine auction, it happens so fast that before your paddle is down the next paddle is up.”

Jay Baker, NWWF supporter


Karen Scott, trusteeWatching the Money Work

Karen Scott gets to re-live her favorite moment of the festival every time she hands a charity a check. “That’s the best,” Scott says. “When you see these charities and how appreciative they are, knowing that we are filling a void in the community, the community where we live, that’s important and that’s the fun part.

“I’ve been on the foundation’s grant committee for the past two years, and that experience reinforces the fact that the wine festival is so important. Through the grant committee I have had the opportunity to see all the charities we support and it’s amazing, the money we raise to help these kids. We distributed checks to 23 charities last year, and it’s hard to choose a favorite because every one of them deserves our support.

“I’ll always be motivated by the knowledge that the Naples Winter Wine Festival accomplishes truly incredible things in Collier County. The wine festival is not just a party. It’s what motivates us to do good things, knowing the money we raise helps the most vulnerable children in our community.”

Karen Scott, trustee

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