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The Feel-Good Report

Livestreamed yogaLivestreamed yoga

After a few thousand years, there’s not a whole lot that can be considered new in the world of yoga. They worked most of the bugs out when abacuses were all the rage. And yet, thanks to technology, how we learn and practice this ancient art is all new. Kiersten Mooney’s Bala Vinyasa Yoga in Naples, one of just 37 studios in the nation certified as a Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga affiliate, livestreams classes online so you can see what you’re missing (mostly cool people in Lycra being all bendy and strong). “We broadcast live globally around the world as part of the Baptiste Digital 40 Day program,” says Mooney. “We have people from all over Europe go on our livestream channel, pull up the classroom and do the class with us. And being in Naples, we are a very seasonal business. We have people who love our classes but are gone six months of the year. This way, when they are back home in Vermont, they can get a taste of what they’re missing.” There is a cost to be a part of the 40 Day program, which features Baptiste instructors from around the world, but the classes originating from Bala Vinyasa are free to check out online at bvyoga.com.


Non-invasive fat removalNon-invasive fat removal

If you’ve been having trouble losing that spare tire around your midsection, congratulations, you’re human. But if you think life would be better if you were, you know, svelte—yet have a fear of going under the knife—have we got great news for you. Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery now offers CoolSculpting—a non-invasive way to remove fat deposits without being gutted like a fish.

How does it work? Originally approved by the FDA to anesthetize and cool the skin prior to dermatology procedures, it was discovered to be able to freeze fat cells within the body, causing them to self-destruct before naturally being eliminated from the body over the course of a few months. This is not necessarily a great option if you have a significant amount you want taken off, but if you exercise, eat right and still have that muffin top, this might be a great way to lose an inch or two without any knives, needles, vacuums or lasers. Best of all, there’s usually no downtime, so you can head right back to the gym or to the office, knowing a slimmer you is on its way. And no, you won’t get frostbite. For more information check out coolsculpting.com or riverchasedermatology.com.


Lithe in no timeLithe in no time

Unless you’re a toddler, you’re probably not as flexible as you used to be. And if you are a toddler, we apologize for not having as many pop-ups or coloring opportunities as you might have hoped. Regardless, even if you are young and limber, you need to work at it to keep your joints lithe and willowy. To that purpose, we’ve discovered the Gyrotonic expansion system—a holistic approach to movement suitable for all ages and all levels of ability. Initially, you assume it’s like Pilates, only with cooler-looking equipment. But Pilates tends to focus more on the core. “Gyrotonic is a beautiful, gentle approach to exercise,” says personal trainer Patricia Wilborn of Patricia’s Studio in Naples. “Older people love it because it promotes flexibility, rotation and movement. Younger people love it because it’s like a dance … And it’s great for rehabilitation.” You have to learn the basics, says Wilborn, which means “the arch and curl.” But eventually, even the stiffest among us will look as if we’d been genetically engineered by Twyla Tharp. It can be done sitting, standing, kneeling or any combination thereof. And once you have developed the mobility, you can add tension to increase resistance and build more strength. “It’s based on a lot of yoga moves,” says Wilborn, “and done in a tai chi manner. It’s organic. It’s rhythmic. It’s holistic.” With more than 30 years experience as a personal trainer, Wilborn puts all of her clients on the gyrotonic machines. So, that should tell you something about its awesomeness. Check out gyrotonic.com or call Wilborn at (239) 290-7499.


Cool new workoutCool New Workout

We love working out, but let’s face it, after you’ve done the same routine over and over it gets pretty boring. That’s why we’re excited any time something new pops up that might shake loose the cobwebs. And the new thing we’ve discovered might just shake loose some fillings.

XLR8, a recently opened health and fitness studio in Fort Myers, features the latest in technology—including power plate whole body vibration machines used by professional athletes, astronauts, golfers, celebrities and just about every other cool person who cares about his or her body. (Yeah, golfers might have been a stretch, but whatever.) The machines look like Stairmasters without that annoying section with the stairs. You stand on a flat platform that vibrates just enough to make you work for it but not enough to worry seismologists in the area. Your muscles are constantly engaged because it’s clear they’ve got no idea what is happening to them. Various poses and adapters make this a full-body workout like nothing you’ve ever tried before. You’ll gain muscle tone, coordination, stability, bone mineral density and a host of other benefits. Check out powerplateflorida.com and sign up for a free session. You’ll thank us (although we won’t understand what you’re saying).


Fighting cancerFighting cancer

Not to be flip, but there is finally a one-stop shop for all of your oncology needs right here in Southwest Florida. Premiere Oncology in Naples recently added a medical oncology program to its radiation oncology program, meaning you’ll be able to consult with the best physicians for your needs under one roof. In other words, it’s the first comprehensive cancer center in our region with both subspecialties within the same practice (the next closest is Moffitt in Tampa). Just think, no more having to drive from one doctor’s office clear across town only to double back and end your appointment marathon somewhere else entirely. Cancer is stressful enough.

Best of all, with all these specialists under one roof, communication is immediate, convenient and familiar. Joining the practice are board-certified medical oncologists Dr. Nuruddin Jooma and Dr. Jay Wang, both of whom received their oncology training at renowned Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. It’s good news when good news seems hard to come by.

For more information check out premiereonc.com.

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