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6 Tastemakers to Watch

Meet These Rising Stars Working to Set Our Cultural and Business Agendas in the Year to Come.

Photography by Erik Kellar

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Anthony Chinaglia, 27, and Milos Simovic, 29


The men of Osetra want everyone to enjoy the high life, and that’s earning them high praise.

If ours is a world of champagne wishes and caviar dreams, Milos Simovic (far right) and Anthony Chinaglia (right) are our new power duo. As co-owners of champagne and caviar bar Osetra, they’re working together to put a bit more sparkle in the Naples social scene. They’re also aiming to broaden local palettes, creating a demand for what they consider to be one of the most misunderstood culinary delights. They even hope to introduce their own line of Osetra-branded line of caviar and champagne.

“It’s on a great path right now,” Simovic says of Osetra. “People love it. People enjoy it.”

Simovic believes that part of what appeals to patrons is Osetra’s atmosphere. Originally, Chinaglia is from Italy, and Simovic hails from Serbia. Both men spent time in New York City and credit their global upbringing for the bar’s urbane energy and eclectic décor, which showcases the work of several local artists.

Then there’s the menu. Anyone seeking a sip of bubbly will find it here, as Osetra’s bartenders pour a variety of notable champagnes and sparkling wines. Some of these come with a price tag that pops, but not all: The goal is to find a sweet spot for everyone, Chinaglia and Simovic explain.

The same is true with caviar, which can easily run into the hundreds of dollars for a serving. But in their quest to create a new generation of caviar fans, the duo want to make it affordable for all. They recently introduced a caviar bites and champagne pairing for two. Priced at $70, it’s catching on with customers, Simovic says.

Still, caviar does have some image problems, they concede. If diners have eaten it in the past, they’ve too often tried caviar of inferior quality, perhaps something they bought off the shelf at a local market. Frequently, this caviar is heavily preserved, and people are left with the memory of caviar being salty or fishy.

But fresh caviar is different, Chinaglia and Simovic explain. At Osetra, part of what the men do is help guests overcome any lingering doubts through caviar tastings intended to educate and inform their patrons about the proper way to store and enjoy caviar.

“It’s an interactive experience,” Chinaglia says of the tastings.

They also want people to know that champagne and caviar aren’t reserved for life’s finest moments. This particular power duo indulges almost daily.

“We want people to understand it’s not just for celebrating,”

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