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Ahead of the Curve

Ready, set, hit the decks! Pool decks, sun decks and yacht decks, that is. Whether you’re slowing down for a lazy summer here on the Gulfshore or heading back to the Great Lakes, the Northeast coast or that luscious Mediterranean cruise, tune into these seven gorgeousness experts for a look your mirror will love.

1. SINGLE SESSION MIRACLE: Ionic slimming is the new buzzword, involving body-techno-spa talk like galvanic and faradic ionization, micronized algae and conductive clay. The bottom line (pardon the reference) is to remove unsightly spot bulges from the hips, thighs, arms and abdomen. The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Naples’ Ioni-Therapie Slimming Program can result in a one- to eight-inch loss in a single 75-minute session, the brochure says. $195 each; six sessions, $990. (239) 514-6100.

2. EXTREME REFORMATION: Don’t expect Lypossage to be all sweet and gentle, say the therapists at Fort Myers’ Spada Day Spa. Breaking up fatty tissue that’s been settled in awhile requires way more intensity than a sports massage. Get really serious and sign up for the Spada Extreme Health and Body Reformation Program, a combined regimen of Lypossage, sculpting body wraps and sessions with certified personal trainers. Three-, six- and 12-week programs: $975 to $4,250. (239) 482-1858.

3. GLAM GLOW: Enjoy golden perfection the first day on the beach with an airbrush tan. Thirty minutes at Aloha Tan in Naples and you’re out the door with a stunning natural glow that lasts through seven showers. Go as subtle or dramatic as you like. $35 per session. (239) 597-4188.

4. 10 POUNDS IN 10 SECONDS:  10 Pounds in 10 Seconds
The right swimsuit emphasizes assets and minimizes the liabilities, say the experts at The Beach House (several Southwest Florida locations). A high-cut leg minimizes large thighs. A two-toned suit, with the darkest color over the tummy, flattens the profile. Need a little all-over squeeze? The Miracle Suit (slogan: "lose 10 pounds in 10 seconds") really does live up to its name.

5. TOSS THE RAZOR: End shaving forever with laser hair removal at Ideal Image, Fort Myers. One series of treatments over eight to 12 weeks, and you’re done. All hair with sufficient pigment is a candidate—the laser can’t sense very light hair. Prices start around $200 depending on goals and treatment areas. Read up on it: www.idealimage.com. (239) 275-4624.

6. BOOT CAMP: Listen up, recruits: This is no picnic in the park, but dress out and show up, and when the drill sergeants at Billy’s Boot Camp get done with you, you will be toned. We’re talking high intensity treadmill work and strength training. A four-week Academy class—with training five days a week—costs $235, but you can test your mettle during Hell Week (week five of any months with five weeks) for just $60. The Omni Club, Fort Myers. (239) 931-6664.

7. VEINS BE GONE: The retreat should look as good as the approach, don’t you think? The remedy for those annoying back-of-the-leg spider veins is fast, painless and surprisingly affordable. No more vein stripping, says Dr. Joseph Magnant, a board certified vascular surgeon whose Web site is a reassuring weknowveins.com. Injection sclerotherapy works on entire "branches" at once, which means a single zap could do it. Laser sclerotherapy closes larger veins individually. Consultation: $95. (239) 694-VEIN.

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