November 26, 2015

From the Editor

First impressions count—as you’ll see from two stories this month. “Show Time” reveals the latest eye-catching styles for women, and “His and Her Nightlife Diaries” plays back the action on the singles dating scene here. Want to stand out in either arena? I’ve asked our fashion director, Derek Warburton, for some dos and don’ts to help you become the envy of fashionistas this spring. And from the nightlife trenches, writer Jess Fisher offers his best game plan for succeeding in love.

For the Girls: Getting the Look Right

Animal prints are the way to grrrrr your way into summer. This year’s prints will make you stand out from the tribe.

Lindsay, Nicole and Paris were all in jail last year. Keep your stripes locked up.

Bright and bold colors are the palettes du jour.

The basics are great, but dressing is not as simple as black and white.

Your mother always said, “Don’t throw stones”—and we tend to agree. But this season, it’s all about wearing them. It’s the three Bs: Big, Bold and Better.

Many strive for dainty bodies, but not with your jewelry this spring! The single strands, studs and bracelets are perfect for your grandmother. So leave them in her jewelry box.

As far as nails are concerned, pretty is perfect. Orange, berry and navy lead the pack with the mani/pedi crowd.

The French have always been known for their chic flair. But their white-tipped nails? Déclassé.

Just got up? Your hair looks perfect. Messy with accessories is in. Feathers and tulle in the hair are not just for brides anymore.

Perfect is past it. The flatiron has lost its cachet. Unplug it, and put it away until fall.

For the Guys: Success in the Dating Game

■  Before you go out: Think about funny moments you have experienced. Everyone likes to laugh and smile about those little things we notice in the world. Do not tell jokes, but rather talk about humorous incidents.
■  Sometimes I play a little game called “Celebrity Look-Alike” to break the ice. Try to spot someone in the room who might be a celeb. One time I saw a heavyset, middle-aged white guy and I said, “I think he looks just like Michael Jackson.” The lady on the barstool next to me cracked up.
■  Smile and make eye contact. Be polite. Leave the overt sexual comments in the men’s locker room. Don’t “suggest” too much. Less is really more inviting and interesting.
■  Every woman I meet is special. When you treat someone as special, she sees you as special. Compliment her about something very specific you admire.
■  Accentuate your appearance. No ball caps or sneakers.
■  Speak positively about your interests, but never exaggerate. Exaggeration is easily spotted and works in the opposite way than intended.
■  Be gracious and listen. Women are natural conversationalists and will offer you many ideas to keep things moving along.
■  Ask about interesting subjects such as a favorite place, the most famous person they’ve met or their favorite thing to do. Ask good follow-up questions—for example, “How did you feel when you visited Paris?” I like “why” questions because they open doors to other subjects. Avoid clichés like politics, real estate and “What do you do?” That’s better asked after you get to know the person. Instead, I like to ask, “What do you enjoy doing?” Once a woman asked me, “What was the biggest risk you ever took?” It led to a very interesting conversation about life and priorities. She remains a wonderful friend.
■ I look for women in my age range. There are young women who are mostly interested in older guys because they have money. I want someone who is interested in me, not my wallet.

OK. Enough with all the advice. If the shoe fits or the chemistry feels right, go for it. And may the force be with you.

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