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Life/Style: The Design is You

Lisa Kahn looks to create spaces that capture the personalities of her clients.

Growing up in the family’s retail business in Ohio, Lisa Kahn and her four siblings learned
firsthand the importance of great customer service. It was excellent training. Even now, if a phone rings
more than twice at Kahn Design Group, Kahn hurries across the room to answer it.

    With a degree in interior design and housing from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Kahn’s career
eventually brought her to London Bay Homes in Naples—a period of invaluable experience that Lisa credits
as being part of the reason that, today, 98 percent of her referrals are from architects, builders and developers.

    The pivotal moment in her career came in 2000 when—just six months after launching her own business—
she landed a major residential project in Naples. The commission lasted several years and effectively put her
on the map.

    Kahn says she has no doubt that improvements in our physical surroundings have overall benefi ts.
“Interior design has immense power to aff ect people’s quality of life. As a designer, it’s wonderful to know you’ve created a place of peace for someone,” she says, adding, “It’s very important for me to spend time with a client to understand what’s right for them—it’s extremely individual. I tell clients I want their space to be just like them.”

    A new addition to Lisa’s portfolio of work is a collaboration with luxury furnishings and accessories producer Chelsea House. Her first collection with them in 2012 proved so successful that she has been hired as the company’s creative consultant.  

    When I ask Lisa how she manages the demands of a thriving business and a family (husband Philip and
teenage children Devon and Chloe), she smiles and says, “I do strive to work smarter and have a better handle
on balance, but I feel I’m perfectly set up to be where I am now. I’m grateful for the abundance in my life—it’s all good.”

    And indeed it is.

Tracery Cachepot, $275


Club Floor Lamp in Gold, $856


Flights of Fancy (one of a set of 16), $378 (each)


Tracery Cocktail Table in Gold, $836


Architectural Obelisk, $658


Blossoms Vase, $121


Classic Gilt Lamp, $504


All items are available at Kahn Design Group, 1025 First Ave. S., Naples, (239) 261-2414.

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