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Luxury File


Bouquet in a bag Fanciful flowers festoon this Valentino bag. The Ricamo Romantic Flower Tote is awash in rosettes of fuchsia, cherry and other vibrant hues befitting a summer along the Gulfshore. White pearls and sequin-beaded details are sprinkled about this floral display for an extra pop. Gunmetal hardware and a silver shoulder strap add the final touches. $3,995, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples, (239) 592-5900.



Peek-a-boo boots These Christian Louboutin boots are meant for walking—and making a fashion statement. The Mamimo Rete lace-up ankle boots are replete with details that echo footwear trends of days gone by: peek-a-boo sides, perforated edges and tassels. And the spiky heel adds a modern twist. $965, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples, (239) 254-0432.


Sleep in silk Who could blame Sleeping Beauty for indulging in a long slumber with this silky duvet on her bed? This comforter by kumi kookoon is fashioned from thousands of hand-strung, grade-A mulberry silk fibers. Small loops on the comforter link to ribbons inside the duvet for a one-of-a-kind fit. Sweet dreams, Sleeping Beauty. King-size comforter, $1,163; duvet cover, $738; at Bonne Nuit Fine Linens in Naples, (239) 213-9222, and Bonita Springs, (239) 949-4646.


Time will tell Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller’s Evolution 3 will do so much more than keep you on time for business meetings and dinner dates. This timepiece winds manually and is equipped with a triaxial tourbillon for precise timing. The detailed engraving showcases high artistry and craftsmanship. Finishing touches include a case in platinum or gold and a hand-sewn alligator strap. $1.2 million, Exquisite Timepieces, (239) 262-4545.


Ready for a close-up A picture is worth a thousand words in frames designed by model Cristina Ferrare. Her handcrafted pieces are bejeweled with semiprecious stones and Swarovski crystals. Amber nuggets, amethyst and freshwater pearls give an extra sparkle to Ferrare with Company’s Genevieve frame. Available in a variety of sizes. Starting at $625, Danieli, Naples, (239) 435-1448.

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