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From The Editor

As you’ll discover in "myra Revealed" (p. 74), Myra Janco Daniels is a charming and spellbinding storyteller. And she was on her game in a recent conversation I had with her. Talking about her passion for cooking, she related a tale I have to call "The Soup That Terrorizes Naples." It seems that our iconic creator of the Phil had invited a board member to her home for dinner. "I served him one of my specialties—fresh tomato basil soup," Myra recalls. Before the evening was over, he agreed to a $5 million donation to the cause. Is that going from soup to nuts? Not to the ever-determined Myra. But, in any case, Myra relates, "No board member ever again wanted to get anywhere near that soup."

In our excerpt from her new book, Secrets of a Rutbuster: Breaking Rules and Selling Dreams, you’ll learn things you probably never knew about our creative dynamo. About her first lesson in smart business practice at age four. About flying her own plane to a business meeting. About the fiancé she left for Draper Daniels, the love of her life.

I asked Myra if there’s anybody or anything she left out of the book she’d like to mention now. "Nope. It’ll all be in my next book," she replied. Any regrets or things she’d have done differently? "Well," she said, "I wouldn’t have broken up with my fiancé over the phone. That was a little abrupt, though we remained friends for years and years after that." How does she feel about Naples after all her time here? "I have never lived in a more caring community … with so many people who want to make this a better place," says Myra. "We are fortunate to have such residents." Be sure to read our December issue when we excerpt the chapter from Myra’s book on how she "retired" to Naples and built our world-class Philharmonic Center for the Arts.

The Bachelor Beat

We hope you’ll enjoy meeting our latest crop of cool bachelors, as photographed by Roland Scarpa and interviewed by our executive editor, Shellie Terry Benson. Shellie’s had the hard duty of interviewing 33 such fellows over the three years we’ve been running this report and is, I’d guess, the envy of many single women in town. "Each time," says Shellie, "it’s like a date. I’m sitting in, say, a Starbucks, and people are listening to us discuss personal things like, ‘What’s the sexiest thing a woman can wear?’" Shellie will admit to some nice friendships coming out of all these rendezvous. And the magazine has profited from her incisive questioning.

We learn that half of the men say the first thing they notice about women is their hair. Shellie tells us that the guys are most revealing about themselves when she asks them about dating deal-breakers. One recent bachelor’s answers all had to do with eating: Does she talk with her mouth full or pick at her teeth? "So as not to inadvertently offend him," says Shellie, "I just put down my fork and had the waitress box my lunch."

This whole bachelor process provokes response—from the woman who interrupted one of Shellie’s interviews with a rant about her love life to the waves of e-mails we get from women wanting to connect with their bachelors of choice. And the men tell us there are women who show up at their places of business after seeing them in the magazine. Well, turn to p. 56 and have a look at this year’s group … and let nature takes its course. May it be win-win for all concerned.

Good News

Check out our new "Luxury File" (p. 156), where every month you’ll discover wow-factor shopping for choice items in Southwest Florida. Note the $58,000 brooch from Marissa’s and the $27,100 Hermès suitcase … Get ready for our sleek and sophisticated At Home magazine, due out in January. It’ll dazzle you with its design and creative ideas … I wrote in August about our staffer Natalie Sarracino’s amazing conditioning program. I’m proud to report that not only did she win second place in a bodybuilding contest in Tampa on Aug. 8, but also looks ravishing in the bridal gown she will be wearing for her November wedding. Gym dandy all around.

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