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Do You Think Young or Old?

quiz.jpgGetting old isn’t just about the body—it’s about the mind, too. No matter what their age, people who “think young” seem more engaged with the world around them, are generally more positive and avoid the pitfalls of worry and stress. If you often utter, “I’m too old for that,” you might be missing out on the many new wonders the world has to offer.

On the other hand, “experience,” which typically comes with age, can be quite alluring, too. We’re drawn to the likes of Sean Connery because he’s been around and knows things. We adore Lauren Hutton because she beautifully embraces her age—and makes us feel better about our own.

Whatever camp you fall into—young or old—try to keep it positive. A U.S. study found that people who think of themselves as old and the negative stigma that goes along with that may suffer from memory loss more so than those who don’t fall prey to pessimism. We’ve created a quiz to see if you think young or old. Answer honestly, add up your score, and see which category you fall into.

1. What is your cocktail of choice?
a. Mojito
b. Cuba Libre
c. Tom Collins
d. Organic vodka with green tea and Cointreau
e. White Sangria

2. If you could drive any kind of car, what would it be?
a. Lincoln Town Car
b. Lexus RX 400 Hybrid
c. Infiniti FX
d. Mercedes-Benz CLK Class Convertible
e. Any make: black SUV with tinted windows

3. What is your preferred Method of communication?
a. Hand-written, stamped mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service
b. Telephone call
c. Text message
d. Instant message
e. E-mail

4. How many of these words can you define?
Box Social
Social Network
Soda Jerk

5. How many of these people can you identify?



6. How do you get your news?
a. Television (but you’ve updated from analog to digital)
b. Cell phone alerts
c. National Public Radio (NPR)
d. CNN Twitter updates
e. Newspaper

7. Which of these recording artists do you currently listen to?
a. Neil Diamond
b. Green Day
c. Rat Pack Classics
d. Lady Gaga
e. Madonna

8. What is your favorite way to pass the time?
a. Sudoku
b. Chatting online with friends
c. Watching television
d. Playing Guitar Hero on the Wii with your kids or grandkids
e. Working crossword puzzles

9. Your last workout was …

a. An outdoor sport like tennis or golf
b. A Pilates or yoga class
c. Weight machines at the gym followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical
d. 20 minutes jumping rope in your sweat suit
e. Calisthenics in front of Jack LaLanne repeats

10. Your favorite movie from the past year was …
a. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
b. Sex and the City
c. Star Trek XI
d. Twilight
e. I wait until movies come on television—theaters are too loud and crowded for me.

11. Your most common worry is …
How will I fit my new golf clubs in my budget?
b. When will my son/daughter get married?
c. How many friends can I fit into my house for my next party?
d. When will I ever feel better?
e. Will my friends be able to tell I’ve had “work done”?

12. Your favorite type of meal is …

a. Protein, starch and vegetable—homemade every night
b. Anything fun to eat and share with friends—sushi, pizza, appetizers during happy hour
c. I have my favorite meals that I order every time I go to certain restaurants
d. Whatever my doctor tells me to eat that will keep my cholesterol in check
e. The newest trend at the newest restaurant in town

Assign the points below to each of your answers and add them up. Then check the categories below to see what your score means.

1. A.-3, B.-2, C.-1, D.-5, E.-4
2. A.-1, B.-4, C.-3, D.-4, E.-2
3. A.-1, B.-2, C.-4, D.-5, E.-3

4. One point for each correct answer
Retweet: To repost a Twitter message that someone you follow previously posted.
Box Social:
A type of fundraiser where a boxed lunch is auctioned off for a cause, popular until about the 1970s.
Social Network: A Web site that allows users to post personal information, photos and updates, such as Facebook and MySpace.
Blog: Short for “weblog,” an online journal usually written by an individual that contains commentary, personal stories or analysis.
Soda Jerk: The employee who operated the soda fountain, often located within drug stores, which served combinations of soda and ice cream.

5. One point for each correct answer
1. Jackie Gleason
2. Kate Gosselin
3. Rihanna
4. Jonas Brothers
5. Brian Williams

6. A.-3, B.-4, C.-2, D.-5, E.-1

7. A.-2, B.-4, C.-1, D.-5, E.-3

8. A.-3, B.-5, C.-2, D.-4, E.-1

9. A.-3, B.-5, C.-4, D.-2, E.-1

10. A.-4, B.-2, C.-5, D.-1, E.-3

11. A.-4, B.-3, C.-2, D.-5, E.-1

12. A.-2, B.-4, C.-3, D.-1, E.-5

10-30 points – You May Be an Old Soul.
Chances are, people accuse you of being stuck in your ways. But you prefer to say that you know what you like—and it works for you. But beware that your older thinking isn’t the kind that makes you feel old. That type of negativity leads to preventable health issues and an inability to explore the world. Make reservations for a new restaurant, change the radio station and listen to something new, or start up a Facebook page. These new activities may put a bounce in your step and give you something fun to talk about—with a youthful sparkle in your eye.

31-48 points – You Cross Generational Lines.

You’re not afraid to try something new, but you may sit back and watch awhile before you jump in. Don’t let your fears stifle a good time and put you at risk for seeming too “last season.” Worrying will weigh you down and steal years from your life. Sticking with your khaki pants and polo shirt are just fine for now, but why not finally master a text message? Your kids—and grandkids—will think you’re the coolest.

49-60 points – Rollin’ with the Hipsters.
You’ve got the hybrid vehicle, you’re following Ashton Kutcher on Twitter and you only buy organic. You are up with the times, following current events and pop culture, and it makes you feel connected with the world. You can engage any member of any generation in compelling conversation, and you never use the term “kids these days.” But be careful that you’re not falling into the trap of trying to seem too young. Age appropriateness goes a long way.

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