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Luxury File

1 Forget moderation 
Author Oscar Wilde famously quipped that nothing succeeds like excess. For anyone of the same opinion, there is the “Excess” collection by legendary French crystal manufacturer Saint-Louis. Each pretty piece combines elegant lines with jagged prisms to create a complex and dynamic look. Our favorite is the 13-inch Excess vase—fantastic for flowers but which would also cast exciting shadows from candlelight. $2,700, B.R. Uno, 261-9806.

2 Go, carts
Small is the new big. But if you just can’t say goodbye to yesterday, we have the solution: American Custom Golf Cars of California produces miniature, electric golf cart versions of General Motors’ Hummer and Cadillac Escalade sport utility vehicles. There’s a classic roadster-style golf cart, too, complete with customizable paint flames. Leather seats and mobile video systems are just some of the options, and they come in two-seater or special “limo” sizing. $14,000 to $16,000, Supreme Auto, 262-0405.

3 Glitter glass 
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and we know why. It’s not their sparkle—although that certainly doesn’t hurt—but their versatility, as seen in the delicately dazzling eyeglasses in Gold & Wood’s “Bling Bling” collection. One model bears a simple black buffalo horn bow and white gold-plated hardware, an ideal setting for more than 30 white diamonds that lightly dust the bridge and endpieces. All in all, this pair makes those proverbial rose-colored glasses seem quite pale indeed. $1,750, Spectacles, 566-9300.

4 Sexy back 
In a completely biased study conducted entirely for our own amusement, it was recently discovered that the world’s sexiest shoe is the slingback. Put in a peep toe and a platform, and the sexiness only escalates. Add interesting embellishments, such as those on Oscar de la Renta’s Ragnatella Ayers embroidered slingback, and you’ve found a shoe that’s sexy and brilliant, a pairing that’s always in style. $795, Marissa Collections,

5 See-worthy 
It’s an accessory question for the ages: Bangles or beads? The answer, of course, is bubbles, at least if they are Seaman Schepps’ Bubble Earrings. These gemstone clusters of 18-karat yellow gold, pearls, diamonds, aquamarines and tourmalines are frothy and fabulous and everything that’s right about earrings, catching the light and not letting go. Price upon request, Yamron Jewelers, 592-7707.

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