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White Hot

Heather Fitzenhagen

Seen at: Gulfshore Life’s White Party in the Garden at Naples Botanical Garden

Her favorite piece: “My Italian bracelet with starfish and sea glass. It’s evocative of everything I love about Florida.”

Her style motto: “Keep it simple.”


Fewer Clothes, More Options

Cheryl Lampard, founder of Style Matters International, answers your questions each month.

Dear Cheryl,

Though I recently purged my closet and donated several bags of clothing to The Shelter for Abused Women & Children, I still have too many separates that don’t match anything else. When I go shopping, I tend to forget those items and fall in love with something new, only to bring it home and find it, too, does not go with anything in my closet. Is it appropriate to bring clothes with me when I shop to match colors and try it all on together? Should everything in my closet belong to an ensemble?   —Cindy, Naples

I commend you on your closet clear-out, which is a great step in the right direction! However, buying new pieces without taking into account your remaining separates will only take you back to square one and the need for another closet purge. It’s fine to take items with you when you shop, but be careful about creating ensembles in which the individual pieces can only be worn together as one outfit. Think in terms of creating different looks rather than complete outfits. 

When buying new pieces, go for items in neutral colors to complement the pieces you already have—it’s much fresher and contemporary than trying to “match” everything (which can look dated and mumsy). The most versatile and stylish wardrobes are those that contain fewer clothes but which create more options. To help you, remember my Rule of Three: Only buy something new if it works with at least three other things in your existing wardrobe. If it doesn’t, don’t buy it.

Submit your questions for consideration to jenniferf@gulfshorelife.com.


Dress  Smarter

Local and eco-friendly shopping extends beyond just groceries. Sassis, a Naples-based boutique, specializes in basics made from organic cotton and hemp. In addition to its T-shirts, dresses and maternity wear, the boutique recently rolled out a collection of headbands, scarves and sarongs. The shop and lifestyle center also offers environmentally friendly how-to classes at its J&C Boulevard location (www.organic-effort.com).

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