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Ahead of the Curve: Creative Gifts for Mom

What to get the mom who has everything.

Adam McCauley

If you are anything like us, your email inbox, the ads on your Facebook page and pretty much every other form of paid communication have been not so subtly reminding you that May 12 is Mother’s Day. And wouldn’t it be nice if you bought her some flowers/chocolates/a cruise/dinner?

But what if your mom isn’t the flowers/chocolates/cruise/dinner type, or at least not in the traditional sense? Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve come up with a few ideas for what to get the mom who has everything but who might enjoy a little more adventure in her life.

In Lieu of Flowers

Anyone can buy a nice bouquet or, heck, pick some wildflowers off the side of the road. So why not take your mom out in the Everglades hunting for rare orchids instead? While you can’t take them back, you can definitely take pictures. Plus, she’ll definitely be the only mom who got a Ghost Orchid (picture, of course) this year. Everglades National Park has a list of vetted tour guides on its website, nps.gov/ever.

If mom’s not quite up for slogging through the swamp in search of rare blossoms, perhaps a membership to the Naples Botanical Garden is in order. There, she can visit daily the immaculate gardens and enjoy the beauty of Southwest Florida and beyond.

Cruising at a Different Speed

After seeing certain cruise ship fiascos on the news this spring, we don’t know many people who are lining up to hop on for five days in the Caribbean. But an hour isn’t a long time, especially not when at least some of it is filled with 360-degree turns at 35 miles per hour.

There is nothing subdued about a Pure Naples Eco Jet Boat cruise. Even when you are gliding through the serene nature of the 10,000 Islands, you know that the captain is only moments away from cranking the throttle up to 11. Not for the faint of heart (literally) nor the expectant mother to-be. But for a mom who feels the need for speed, this is a cruise worth taking. purenaples.com

If you want to get a bit out of the way, head to Everglades City for an airboat ride through the mangrove forests. You’ll likely see gators along with a lot of amazing birds and critters that make their home out in the swamps.

DIY Goes Deluxe

We’re reminded of the old parable about the benefits of teaching a man to fish rather than just buying him one. Why buy your mom Norman Love chocolates (other than because they are amazing) when you can help her learn how to make them from the master chocolatier himself, or at least one of his talented staff members?

The Fort Myers-based confectioner offers classes in making all sorts of sweets, from molded candies to cupcakes, but we’d suggest the truffles course as the perfect gift for Mom. normanlove.com

If you are on a budget and want to make your mom smile, pack a picnic and head for sunset at the beach. There are few things easier and more wonderful than a Southwest Florida sunset.


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