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The Thrill of Discovery

Sunrise at Marker 15
Sunrise at Marker 15:
"I was heading out to another assignment when I saw the ospreys. I told the captain to stop the boat and just waited for the one that was circling to land," Maltz says. "We passed several nests that morning. This was the only one with birds in it."

Egret Mood Swing
Mood Swings:
"One of the things I’m known for is my certain style with egrets and herons (on a black background)," he says. "I was drawn to this one because it’s whimsical and just makes me laugh."

Sunset Over City Docks
Sunset Over City Docks:
Many of Maltz’s best shots involve huge skies. But he says he doesn’t intentionally seek out any particular look. "When I come upon a moment, I capture it," he says. "But for these shots I don’t go out looking for it. I try to position myself to find something interesting."

Alligator Island
Alligator Island:
Being in the right place at the right time makes a big difference in getting the perfect picture. But Maltz says many of his best shots are purely serendipitous. "I travel back and forth from the Keys, and I’m always prepared to capture something."

Under a Setting Moon
Under a Setting Moon:
"This was taken just a few minutes before Sunrise at Marker 15," he says. "I was going out to get shots on Keewaydin, but these two images happened before I even got to my destination. I would say that happens all the time."

Nature By Design
Nature by Design:
"I was working on a video project at the Naples Botanical Garden and saw this," Maltz says. "I was just drawn to the design and color. It was something just ripe for the taking."

Apparition: Pelican
"There were birds all over at this shoot," Maltz says. "I just focused in on this pelican. I didn’t even know I had this shot until we developed the film. I had no idea the egret flew by at exactly the same time."


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