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From the Editor

Ok, single women. start envying our Executive Editor Denise Scott. She’s the one we forced to interview the nine bachelors for our cover story on p. 56. It meant intimate conversation with each. Says Denise, “It gave me the opportunity to do what single women would love to be able to do: ask a guy important questions on the first date—without scaring him off.”

Here’s some of what she reports back that you won’t find in the story:

• “Some of the bachelors were nervous about giving the wrong answers. Even though I told them there are no wrong answers, a few asked how other guys answered. I told them, ‘No cheating.’”

• “Almost every guy was stumped and requested extra time to figure out which song best represents him as a theme song.”

• “I wish I had a camera to catch their expressions when I asked them to describe the sexiest thing a woman can wear. It was pretty obvious from their smirks—and their hesitation before speaking—that some were giving ‘edited’ answers.”

• “One bachelor said he felt he owed me $100 at the end of our ‘therapy session.’”

But enough with the observations. Turn to the story and meet the guys yourself. And, if you’d like to see them in person, join us for our Bachelor Party Oct. 14 at the Naples Grande. As with two charming guests over the past several years, you might discover the guy you’re going to marry. Honestly, we never figured ourselves as matchmakers. But we’re thrilled at the happily-ever-afters whenever they occur.


Hot From New York

We get the hot inside details from designer Kara Ross on her new line of dazzling handbags and jewelry (see p. 32)—and she’s just one of the fashion superstars our Style Council visited on its annual scouting trip to New York City last spring. Our power shopper team included Denise Cobb, Patty Baker, Cynthia Sherman, Mary Susan Clinton, Shirlene Elkins and Susie McCurry (see photo on p. 33)—and Patty weighs in with the highlights:

• “Kara Ross’ jewelry is unique and comes in at various price points. She uses natural sources—stone, woods, metals—and combines them with semi-precious stones with unusual flair. Her touch gives a different look to any outfit it’s worn with.”

• “Tosca Couture is amazing. I personally believe they have the most beautiful designs, styles and fabrics of any designer out there today. The designs are feminine, sexy and make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the room when you wear them. I’ve never felt that in any other designer’s clothing. I believe they are American fashion’s best-kept secret.”

• “Tory Burch: fun studio, done up in her signature pink and orange colors. Her prices are reasonable for someone wanting to be fashionable, and her clothes are unusual. A lot of her accessories are fun and versatile. She is a delightful young woman, dynamic, with vision, and that keeps her line on top of the newest.”

• “Zang Toi’s studio was small, but active. They made a jacket for me. It’s this season’s fashionable gray with a gray sable collar. Luxe and stylish.”

Thanks, Style Council, for the valuable intelligence. Look for more good stuff from the team as the new
season unfolds.

Honored and Grateful

We’re out there in this daunting economic climate doing our best for our readers. It cheers us to see our newsstand sales and renewal rates nicely up over last year—and we also love the validation of our efforts at the Florida Magazine Association’s annual awards conference last August. We won five awards, including four Charlies for first-place honors. The Charlies went to our Feel Good Issue, our December visitors’ issue, Gulfshore Life at Home and Naples Health. We also won a bronze for Karen T. Bartlett’s photo of a lavender field in Provence, France. In a special citation as well, our President and Group Publisher Dan Denton was deservedly inducted into the Florida Magazine Association Hall of Fame. Right on. Pleased as we are, we know we’re only as good as our next issue. Stay tuned. You can bet we’ll be playing our hardest to keep those positive vibes going.

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