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Design Trends

Party Time? Start the Buzz

It’s 15 minutes before the first guests arrive, and you are ready to host an exceptional party. You look fabulous, artistically assembled appetizers are waiting in the wings and the staffing company sent over an extremely good-looking bartender.

You’ve transformed your home into a setting that sends out good-time vibes, resulting in great conversation and lots of laughter. In fact, your place looks so good that you could serve hot dogs with chips and dip, and your guests would consider it avant-garde.

So how can the rest of us do it? We’ve gathered some tips from professionals who can create the right ambience and drop in products that are both functional and versatile.

When selecting furniture for your entertaining space, ask yourself: “Are there pieces that could double as end tables for everyday use, and then be converted into extra seating? Could certain surfaces be perfect for a buffet?” says Pam Durkin, president-elect of the American Society of Interior Designers, South Florida Chapter and owner of New Line Design in Naples.

“Furniture in conversation areas should offer easy access to guests and be moveable as well as flexible to create a variety of groupings,” says Jan Wallace, design consultant of Robb & Stucky Interiors in Fort Myers.

“Have containers on hand that can be utilized for anything like filling a decorative urn with fruit for bar garnishes to lining your pool or dock with candlelight,” suggests Karen Lopez of Detailz Events in Naples. “These containers don’t have to be identical in shape or size. Although they should have a common thread to tie them in together whether it be a similar reflective quality like mercury glass or simple modern glass cylinders.”

To catch the eye, “use a repetition of items, i.e. flowers and color to create a dramatic effect,” says Durkin. And don’t forget to please your guests’ senses. “Add scent and music for the icing on the cake” she says.


<<Score One for Your Team

Game night will never be the same, at your or anyone else’s home. Momento sectional seating with optional bookcase, designed by Manzoni & Tapinassi and available at Roche-Bobois, Naples for $16,400.


<<Tell Me How You Really Feel

If the person behind the bar can be likened to a therapist, then is the person sitting at the bar lying on the proverbial couch? Have a seat and let the healing begin. Ublo bar designed by Sacha Lakic for Roche-Bobois. Available in Naples for $6,535.


<<Love the Food!

You hand-pick the guest list with care; let the guests pick their hors d’oeuvres with a little love. Pierced Heart by Michael Aram, available for $48 at Fabec-Young and Co. in Naples.


<<You Dirty Girl

No frou-frou martinis in this glass! The only juice suitable in the Cleopatra, by Kosta Boda, comes from an olive. Available at The Magic Dragon in Marco Island for $160.


<<You Platter Me …

Highlight a simple arrangement of crudités with a not-so-simple canvas. The Slabs collection by Annieglass is available at DuFrane Jewelers in Bonita Springs. Prices range from $57 to $183.


<<Shaken With a Twist

This cocktail shaker looks like a high-tech gadget right out of a spy thriller—and it’s certainly stylish enough for the ever-suave and debonair Mr. Bond. Designed by Lou Henry for Nambé and carried at the Mole Hole in Fort Myers for $125.


<<Suck It Up

It may be the gift you should never buy for the lady in your life, but when the last of the stragglers have abandoned the party, she’ll thank her lucky stars for Miele’s Capricorn, and the person pushing it. $1,199 at Vacuum Unlimited in Naples.

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