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Shopportunities: The Tartan Challenge

Cheryl Lampard, founder of Style Matters International, answers your questions each month.

Dear Cheryl,

I see tartan is back. How do I wear it without looking like a plaid picnic rug?

—Sherilyn B, Golden Gate

This season’s tartan trend offers a multitude of options, from plaid pumps right up to oversized coats in laundry-bag-style weaves. The choice is yours. Scale is important in relation to your proportions, so watch that the plaid doesn’t overwhelm you. As for color, in addition to traditional tartans in strong, bright hues, there are some deliciously muted, soft tones this fall. Unexpected fabrics, such as lightweight, billowing silks, offer a modern twist—the perfect way to balance your checks in the Southwest Florida sunshine.

Have a question for Cheryl? Send it to jfoerster@gulfshorelife.com.


WHAT TO WEAR: NCH Hospital Ball

One of the longest-running annual galas in Naples, the NCH Hospital Ball will be held this year on Saturday, Oct. 26, to raise funds to expand the Pediatric Emergency Department. A black-tie affair traditionally calls for a floor-length gown. But a new silhouette this season is the ankle-length dress—perfect for showing off a pair of stunning shoes. If your preference is for pants, put a contemporary spin on an evening favorite in a pants-with-gown hybrid, which looks amazing and offers the best of both worlds.


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