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The Magnificent 7

Meet some of the coolest bachelors in Southwest Florida.

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Carlos Zapata

Age: 35

Hometown: Bonita Springs

Profession: News anchor/news director, Univision SWFL; group fitness instructor, NCH Wellness Center


The perfect partner is: Hardworking, thoughtful, family-oriented, fun, social and adventurous

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you? Like a good Colombian, I’m the soul of a good party.

Favorite vacation spot? For adventure: Ecuador in South America. For fun: Germany. I love their lifestyle—especially Berlin mode.

Any pets? Yes, a beautiful 14-yearold mix dog named Spot. He is Colombian as well.

Favorite hangout? The NCH Wellness Center gym. I’m there every day.

What do you notice first about a potential date? Hands, nails, smile, teeth and shoes

Desire to settle down (out of 10)? 8, almost a 9

Best thing you’ve learned from someone? To listen, not to judge and to be thankful for every experience in life

What makes a relationship successful? Communication, tolerance and respect

Perfect first date? Great food, soft music, red wine and good conversation

Most played song on your iTunes? Rise up by Yves LaRock

Your personal motto? Always do your best and never expect anything in return.

Set schedule or free spirit? Set schedule most of the time, but I love spontaneous plans

Does age matter? Not at all. Experience really matters.

Any tattoos or piercings? None. My mom would kill me.

Guilty pleasure? Big Brother

Boxers or briefs? That’s something to be discovered.

Do you check someone out on Facebook, etc. before your first date? Yes. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the new background check.

Your biggest vice? Lemon pound cake or any type of cake, arepas and empanadas


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