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Southwest Florida's Hottest Bachelors 2010

It’s a tough job, but Gulfshore Life was ready for the challenge of wading through all those worthy nominations, selecting the very hottest of Southwest Florida’s bachelors—and then gleefully digging into their psyches in order to share their most personal thoughts on dating and relationships. Pick out your favorite. Maybe you’ll discover the key to his heart.

Bill Blevins

Residence: Estero
Hometown: Marysville, Calif.
Hobbies: Playing/coaching soccer, fishing, running, working out, swimming, biking, scuba diving, spear fishing
Describes himself as: Outgoing, energetic, compassionate
His theme song: Ridin’ Solo by Jason Derulo
He’s first attracted to: Her face
Turnoffs: Pretention. People like that are rude.
Desire to settle down: 6 or 7 out of 10
Family man: Son, Cole, nine; daughter, Savannah, 12. If somebody has kids, that’s OK. Do I want to make more kids? No.
Taboo topics: Politics, religion
If she makes the first move: I’m comfortable with that.
Dating deal breakers: Blind dates
He wishes women would: Be spontaneous; take the lead in planning.
For a relationship, he won’t give up: My career, my family
His passion: Coaching
His vice: Red wine
His ideal woman: Outgoing, energetic, compassionate
Favorite hangout: Coconut Point
Her sexiest outfit: A nice cocktail dress with heels
Is PDA OK?: I’m OK with it as long as you know the limits.
Does age matter?: I’m not that concerned.
A friend says: “He’s a good guy, very athletic, with a good personality. His ideal match would be outgoing, definitely an outdoors person.”

Our take: Now that he’s back on the market, this great catch is going to have to find a new theme song pretty quickly.


Patrick J.“PJ” Bimonte

Residence: Bonita Springs
Hometown: Miami
Hobby: Triathlons
Favorite cause: American Cancer Society Relay for Life
Describes himself as: Involved, funny, dedicated
His theme song: Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes by Jimmy Buffett
He’s first attracted to: Her eyes
Turnoffs: Smoking
Desire to settle down: 7 or 8 out of 10
Family man: Son, Danny, four. I’d love another kid. I would get married again.
Taboo topics: Religion and politics
If she makes the first move: I’m all for it.
Dating deal breakers: Being stood up in this day and age
For a relationship, he won’t give up: My son
His passions: Cooking, triathlons, volunteering, watching professional Miami sports
His vice: Dumb TV
His ideal woman: Happy, faithful, fun-loving
Favorite hangouts: Marsala Pizza, Bonita Springs; Fifth and Third avenues, Naples; Gulf Coast Town Center, south Fort Myers
Her sexiest outfit: Sweatpants and an oversized T-shirt
Is PDA OK?: I have no problem holding hands, giving a kiss or putting my arm around her.
Does age matter?: I want to look for someone a little bit older [but who still wants to have kids].
A friend says: “He’s one of the most honest and sincere people I know. His ideal match would be fun and outgoing, could keep up with his level of being out and about and around people.”

Our take: His gentlemanly ways will make you feel special, and he’s got a great sense of style—love the cufflinks.

Brian Monahan

Residence: South Fort Myers
Hometown: Clarksboro, N.J.
Hobbies: Running, working out, golfing, kickball, current events, weather, watching sports
Describes himself as: Driven, fun, shy
His theme song: I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty
He’s first attracted to: Her hair and eyes
Turnoffs: Cursing, constantly using your cell phone
Desire to settle down: 5 or 6 out of 10
Women should know: The fastest way to turn us off is too much contact. Let it breathe.
If she makes the first move: It’s got to be subtle, feminine.
Dating deal breakers: I love kids, but I’m not ready; Tasmanian table manners; don’t get drunk on the first date; don’t use me to get back at your ex.
For a relationship, he won’t give up: My principles or my dog
His passion: My career. I’m living my dream. How many people can say they love to go to work every day? You have to when you wake up at 2:45 in the morning.
His vice: The gym
His ideal woman: Confident, intelligent, sexy
Favorite hangouts: Spirits of Bacchus and City Tavern, Fort Myers; The Cottage, Fort Myers Beach
Her sexiest outfit: Black skirt, black heels
Is PDA OK?: Hand-holding is OK. A kiss is OK.
Does age matter?: Yes. Older than me is easier.
A friend says: “Brian has a good sense of humor and always makes whatever you’re doing more enjoyable. His ideal match would have to be at least a marginal football fan—and put up with him when he starts talking about the weather a little too much.”

Our take:  Bat those blue eyes, and you can talk about the weather all day.


Residence: Fort Myers
Hometown: Forked River, N.J.
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, camping, working out, four-wheeling, traveling
Describes himself as: Motivated, driven, thoughtful
His theme song: Should’ve Been a Cowboy by Toby Keith
He’s first attracted to: Her smile
Turnoffs: Bad attitude, negativity
Desire to settle down: It’d be a complicated mathematic logarithm because it changes daily. [Hint: He isn’t opposed to marriage or kids.]
Dating deal breakers: Dating her “agent” and not really her; meeting children on the first couple of dates.
He wishes women would: Understand dedication to work. They get jealous.
For a relationship, he won’t give up: My own identity
His passion: My business
His vice: My inability to be as emotional as I should over issues
His ideal woman: Thoughtful, confident, fun
Favorite hangouts: I enjoy hanging out with family at my house versus going out drinking.
Why do women … Have an inability to communicate their true thoughts?
Her sexiest outfit: I like natural beauty, jeans and a T-shirt.
Is PDA OK?: I’m OK with holding hands and little kissies here and there.
Does age matter?: No, but maturity does.
A friend says: “He tends to give everything he does his all. His ideal match is a model type who is well-organized, fairly level-headed and can engage in intelligent conversation.”

Our take: There’s nothing sexier than a successful man who makes time for
his family.


David Tricker

Residence: Naples
Hometown: Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England
Hobbies: Golf, tennis, photography, riding Harleys
Favorite charity: First Baptist Church of Naples. As a Christian, I consider that more important than anything else.
Describes himself as: Full of life
His theme song: Born Again by Third Day
He’s first attracted to: Her eyes and mouth
Turnoff: Lack of sincerity
Desire to settle down: 10 out of 10
Family man: I have a 12-year-old son, Evan. I’d love more kids.
Favorite travel spots: I’ve traveled all over the world. London, Paris and Rome are my favorite cities.
Taboo topic: Politics
If she makes the first move: I think it’s rather exciting.
Dating deal breakers: An obvious lack of sincerity
For a relationship, he won’t give up: My faith and my son
His passion: Life
His vice: Motorcycles
Favorite hangouts: Naples Harley-Davidson, DaRuMa Japanese Steakhouse in Naples
Her sexiest outfit: Nothing.
Is PDA OK?: I enjoy it. It needs to be somewhat discreet.
Does age matter?: No.
A friend says:  “He’s a heck of a nice guy, a very well-educated, classy guy. His ideal match would be fun-loving and a Christian. She’d have to be fairly spectacular.”

Our take:  Whether it’s a Harley ride around Naples or an adventure across the world, you’ll feel safe in the care of this handsome sophisticate.

Frank Petras

Residence: Naples
Hometown: Cleveland
Hobbies: Interior design, travel, landscaping
Describes himself as: Energetic, creative, loyal
His theme song: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Diana Ross
He’s first attracted to: Someone’s smile
Ideal first date: Open, comfortable conversation
Turnoffs: Narcissism, someone who is very “I”-oriented in the way they talk
He’s clicked with you when: He laughs so hard that he has a bellyache.
Desire to settle down: 7 out of 10
Favorite travel spots: Africa, Europe, New York City. I love to go to Vegas for a weekend to go shopping.
Taboo topic: Finances
Dating deal breakers: Superficiality
Why he’s a great catch: I’m very honest and very loyal and faithful. I work hard, and I like to play hard and have fun.
For a relationship, he won’t give up: My dogs, two Westies [West Highlight White Terriers], Maggie and Emma
His passions: Selling real estate and interior design
His vices: Sweets and shopping
Favorite hangout: Pelican Bay beach
Is PDA OK?: It has its time and place on a limited basis.
Does age matter?: Not as long as they can keep up with me.
A friend says: “He’s got a big heart. His ideal match is somebody who has the same kind of values he has in terms of creating a home and being part of a family.”

Our take: There’s no one more fun to share sweets with than this multifaceted former model.

Jason Teeters

Residence: Fort Myers
Hometown: Muncie, Ind.
Hobbies: Tennis, golf, collecting records, painting
Describes himself as: Spontaneous, laidback, focused
His theme song: Theme from Shaft by Isaac Hayes
He’s first attracted to: Her eyes
Ideal first date: Someplace we can have a bottle of wine
Turnoffs: Smoking, materialism
Desire to settle down: 8 out of 10
The local dating scene: Everybody’s looking for that candy-covered unicorn, that person who fits all those categories we want them to fit, that’s so hard to find.
Taboo topics: Politics, religion
If she makes the first move: My only preference is not drunk.
Dating deal breakers: Dishonesty, cat-and-mouse
Why he’s a great catch: I listen.
For a relationship, he won’t give up: If worth it, you wouldn’t ask me to give up anything.
His passion: Finding out more about myself
His vice: Cigars
His ideal woman: Passionate, faithful, fun
Favorite hangouts: Doc Ford’s, Sanibel; The Reserve Cigar Bar, Fort Myers
Her sexiest outfit: Form-fitting sundress, straw hat and sandals
Is PDA OK?: I’m not a fan. But when I do find the one, I’ll want to shout it from the rooftops.
Does age matter?: No.
A friend says: “He’s always looking to better himself and the people around him. He seems to go for the tall ladies, smart, educated, down-to-earth, funny mentality—and not married.”

Our take: With that electric smile and warm personality, he makes you feel as though you’ve known him forever.


John Biffar

Residence: Cape Coral
Hometown: New York
Hobbies: Tennis, boating, surfing with my kids
Favorite charity: Mi Refugio school in Guatemala. I spent 10 years making a documentary [about the school’s founder] called Children of the Fourth World.
Describes himself as: Work in progress
His theme song: Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Ideal first date: Very casual, where you can relax, hear each other and get to know somebody—with an escape hatch provided
Turnoffs: Loud, rude
Desire to settle down: 7 out of 10
Family man: Sons Sean, 22; Scott, 20; David, 18. I’m not interested in having more. If somebody had kids, that’s fine.
If she makes the first move: I encourage it, as long as it’s creative—and not painful.
Why he’s a great catch: I can’t say much about my past, but my future is spotless.
For a relationship, he won’t give up: Integrity
His ideal woman: Spiritual, smart, sexy
Favorite hangout: Crü, south Fort Myers
Her sexiest outfit: Black or red satin dress
Is PDA OK?: In the right place
Does age matter?: No.
A friend says: “His ideal match would be tall, open-minded and have a whacked and healthy sense of humor like his. She has got to be a free spirit and be willing to go on wild life adventures.”

Our take:  His quick wit won’t be the only thing keeping you on your toes. At 6 feet 7 inches, he personifies tall, dark and handsome.

Dr. Robert

Residence: Naples
Hometown: Willemstad, Curaçao
Hobbies: Working out, reading, movies, hiking, the beach, fine dining
Describes himself as: Fun, spontaneous, adventurous
His theme song: Push by Madonna
He’s first attracted to: Her eyes
Turnoffs: Self-centeredness, insensitivity to others
Desire to settle down: 8 out of 10
Family man: Marriage? Maybe. Kids? Yes.
Taboo topics: Finances
If she makes the first move: I’m a big boy. I can handle it.
He wishes women would: Talk to their grandmothers and bring back some of that old-fashioned sensitivity, charm and innocence to dating.
For a relationship, he won’t give up: Family ties and my close friendships
His passions: Enjoying life
His vice: Running four miles a day
His ideal woman: Sensitive, compassionate, beautiful
Favorite hangouts: Fifth Avenue’s Irish pubs and Mercato, Naples
What do women want?: Their life-long partner, someone they can feel secure with. If the guy will take off a jacket on a rainy day to cover her head with, that’s the ultimate.
Her sexiest outfit: Nice, tight-fitting jeans, a tank top and high heels
Is PDA OK?: I don’t mind it.
Does age matter?: No. The person’s maturity level matters no matter what age they are.
A friend says: “He’s honest, reliable and fun. His ideal match is somebody who’s smart and independent, and also has a great sense of humor.”

Our take: He gives new meaning to “You had me at hello.” Just listen to that accent.

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