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In Style

My Favorite Things

1 Originally the signature container for Doctor Fisch’s Bitters, these fish bottles come in all colors and sizes. “For me, fish are the jewels of the sea. I have at least 20 of these.”


2 “It’s a great feeling to receive a handwritten thank-you note from someone. I always take the time to send them myself as well.”


3 “I fell in love with Tiffany’s soap while staying at the five-star Peninsula hotel in Hong Kong. As a jewelry designer, I still get a chance to open up my little blue box.”


4 “This Hermès scarf was given to me by a dear friend while vacationing in Greece.”


5 “I collect vintage buttons for inspiration for my work. They used to be hand-carved, like little pieces of jewelry themselves.”



Fiction Meets Fashion

For those who have been bitten by the twilight craze, Nordstrom is launching exclusive fashion, jewelry and beauty collections inspired by the Nov. 20 release of New Moon, the second movie adapted from the popular novels. The collections center on fitted T-shirts, plaid tunics and jackets, as well as makeup color palettes and other beauty products, and will be in store at Waterside Shops Oct. 15.

Sip While You Shop

What could be better than champagne, shopping and good friends? Stroke Boutique’s Champagne Fashion Party program lets you have all three. Make an appointment, round up your shopping buddies and spend two fabulous hours trying on clothes with the help of a stylist.

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