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Single & Dashing


Hometown: Sylvania, Ala.

Hobbies: I love to play volleyball and go to the gym—I’m training for a half marathon right now. I love to socialize, and if there’s good music, I’ll probably be there.

On his bucket list: I just checked skydiving off my list. Other than that, I must visit at least six of the seven continents (except Antarctica).

Most played songs on his iTunes: I’m an old soul. I love Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé, especially Feeling Good.

Desire to settle down: 7.5 out of 10

Biggest turn offs: Talking with a mouth full of food, being too loud, texting during a date

Perfect first date: Something like a food- and wine-flight dinner, tapas style, with lots of good conversation

Does age matter? No. Personality is more important.

He can’t live without: Iced passion tea from Starbucks

His ideal match is: Social, energetic, adventurous … and relatively attractive

You’ll know he’s interested when: It definitely won’t be a kiss on the first date, but I will follow up for a second date.



Hometown: Green Bay, Wisc.

His ideal match is: Bright, funny, sophisticated yet simple

Favorite vacation spots: One enjoyed with family and friends, but particularly Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, or Nagin Lake, Kashmir, India

Celebrity crush: Charlize Theron

Desire to settle down: 9 out of 10

Most valuable thing he’s learned: Enjoy life to the fullest, and treat every day like it’s Christmas or New Year’s.

Hobbies: Cooking, golf … basically all sports

Key to a successful relationship: Love, commitment, trust and communication

On his bucket list: Fall in love

He also speaks: Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and a little German

Perfect first date: A great concert or Broadway show—hopefully Rock of Ages—followed by dinner

Most played songs on his iTunes: Depends on my mood, but I love Springsteen, U2, Coldplay, Kings of Leon …

Personal motto: Don’t ever give up.

Biggest turn off: Rudeness

Call or text? Call. Texting takes forever.

A girl will know he’s interested when: I pay attention.

Guilty pleasure: Cigars

Dating rule he wishes more women followed: Leave the baggage at home.



Hometown: South Brunswick, N.J.

Celebrity crush: Jennifer Aniston

Three words to describe himself: Passionate, driven, patient

Perfect first date: I pick her up and we go to dinner. Afterwards we go somewhere we can chat for a while, and we finish the night with one soft kiss good night, leaving us both wanting more.

Must love cats: I’ve had a cat named Maisie for 10 years. I adore her.

Desire to settle down: 10 out of 10. If I meet a woman who knocks my socks off, I’m 100 percent ready.

Does age matter? No, as long as she is mature

You’ll know he’s interested when: It’s hard for me to hide it. I get that look on my face, give that little smile and can’t stop looking her way.

Dating deal breakers: Constant talk about partying, jealousy

Do you Facebook a girl before going out with her? Yes. It’s an easy way to get a sneak peek into the real side of her, and I would expect her to do the same.



Hometown: Fitchburg, Mass.

Last book he read: Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen

Favorite vacation spots: If I’m skiing, Switzerland. If I’m diving, Honduras. If I’m going on a safari, Kenya.

Desire to settle down: 2 out of 10

Hobbies: Traveling, boating, woodworking, golf, fishing, guitar …

Perfect first date: Getting in my airplane and flying to Key West

Hottest thing a woman can wear: A peasant top and jeans

Biggest turn offs: A woman who tries to get into clothes that don’t fit her or wears too much makeup. I like a natural look.

Personal motto: If you want something badly enough, you won’t be afraid to do it.

Favorite hangouts: The Parrot or Pelican Larry’s on Pine Ridge Road

You’ll know he’s interested when: There’s a lot more eye contact, and my line of questioning is more personal.

His ideal match is: Good looking, super fit and not looking to be taken care of

Dating deal breakers: Smoking, talking about past relationships

Biggest vice: My lack of patience

Most played song on his iTunes: Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band



Hometown: Fort Myers, Fla.

Celebrity lookalike: People stop me on the street all the time to say I look like the dentist from The Hangover, [Ed Helms].

Furry friend: Tikki, a stray cat I adopted

Favorite hangout: The Cottage on Fort Myers Beach

Desire to settle down: 7 out of 10

Hobbies: Triathlons—swimming, biking and running. I run 10-milers with a group called Speedsters on Sunday mornings.

On his bucket list: Complete an Ironman long-distance triathlon and get a Ph.D. in mass communications

Key to a successful relationship: When both parties give 100 percent. I don’t think it’s 50/50.

Personal motto: [Poet] D.H. Lawrence wrote, “I never saw a wild thing feel sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.” It’s great to remember when you’re running a race and just want to quit.

His ideal match is: Unpretentious, ambitious and self-respecting

Hottest thing a woman can wear: One of my dress shirts

Biggest vice: A couple glasses of red wine



Hometown: Naples, Fla.

Favorite vacation spot: Jamaica (where his family is from) or Miami

Last book he read: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Favorite local hangout: Tommy Bahama’s

Celebrity crush: Kim Kardashian

Three words to describe himself: Positive, energetic, motivated

First things he notices: Legs and butt

His ideal match is: Attractive, fun and confident

Desire to settle down: 9 out of 10

In his free time: I spend a lot of time walking or running the beach and collecting shells.

Ideal first date: Coffee at Starbucks

Most played song on his iTunes: How to Love by Lil Wayne

Most valuable thing he’s learned: To always have integrity, self love and self respect

Hottest thing a woman can wear: True Religion jeans

Personal motto: Whatever the mind conceives and believes, it can achieve.

He can’t live without: Working out

Biggest turn off: Snobbery

Call or text? Call. I prefer hearing your voice.

Guilty pleasure: Cheesecake

Dating deal breakers: There aren’t any. I’m pretty laid back.



Hometown: Rockford, Ill.

Three words to describe himself: Witty, adventurous, ambitious

He’ll first notice: Her smile

Favorite hangout: The Neptune’s Lounge

Desire to settle down: 10 out of 10. I want kids in the next five years.

Most played song on his iTunes: Alejandro by Lady Gaga

People might be surprised to know: I like to dance.

Biggest turn off: Insecurity

Celebrity crush: Anne Hathaway

Dating rule he wishes more women followed: Don’t assume a relationship is progressing faster than it really is.

Dating deal breaker: Finding out who she voted for in the last election

Last book he read: Known and Unknown, Donald Rumsfeld’s memoir

Celebrity lookalike: Bradley Cooper

Hobbies: Golfing, flying [hint: he’s a pilot] and cycling

Key to a successful relationship: You’ve got to be able to have fun together.

On his bucket list: Having the freedom to do whatever I want when I want to do it

He can’t live without: My Macbook and iPhone

Do you Facebook a girl before going out with her? Absolutely—her and her friends

Biggest vice: The occasional cigar at Burn



Hometown: Fort Myers, Fla.

Last book he read: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Favorite vacation spots: I like tropical islands where I can totally disconnect, or big cities like London or Amsterdam where I can immerse myself in a culture.

People might be surprised to know: I’m a closet conspiracy theorist. I love reading about and discussing them.

Hobbies: Alligator wrestling, nude skydiving—I’ve always wanted to say those in this type of setting.

Desire to settle down: 9 out of 10

Favorite hangout: Vanderbilt Beach

Most valuable thing he’s learned: It’s important to be able to laugh at yourself and not take things too seriously.

Perfect first date: Any activity that allows you to get to know each other without competing with a noisy environment

You’ll know he’s interested when: She starts finding little surprises, like messages or gifts.

In five years: I’d like to be in a long-term relationship, hopefully with children.

Biggest vice: Shopping sprees in New York or Los Angeles. I used to go three or four times a year and buy these wild, high-fashion shoes you couldn’t find anywhere else.

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