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From the Editor: What It's Like Being Single Here

David Sendler (Stefan Andreev)Have we got hot singles for you. I think you’ll find them as delightful and attractive as we do. We’ve actually kept a special eye on the social whirl of the unattached for the last 10 months as our keenly observant associate editor Michael Korb has dished on the action in his weekly blog, “Singles Scene,” (available at gulfshorelife.com).To enlighten and guide those who play in that world, I asked Michael to share what he has learned so far.

What it’s all about

“First,” says Michael, “all of the things that come with dating—timing, style, hygiene, location, drama, cheating, friends, the Internet, past flames, texting, baggage, breaking up, likes and dislikes, kissing, the first date, date three, personal grooming, falsies, fake numbers, crazy exes, arguments, speed dating, blind dating and dating site profiles (just to name a few)are merely the things that get you in the door.

“Finding someone is just the first step in the journey. You then need to discover if the person you’ve found is really right for you. That’s the hard part—as so many are exhausted by this point in the process they’re willing to settle for less than a great fit in order to avoid starting over. However, on a positive note, just by flipping through our bachelors and bachelorettes, it’s pretty easy to see we do have some terrific singles in our area. In fact, we had a lot of other equally great people who didn’t make it into these pages just because we didn’t have room.

“But through it all, dating success is measured not by smiles but rather a lack of tears (and restraining orders). We’ve hung out with well-known socialites in glamorous surroundings, nameless bar dwellers who just don’t want to go home, Playboy playmates, personal trainers, single moms and divorcees—all in an effort to learn what any of us want.

What I’ve discovered

“Even if you meet the perfect person, they need to be coming at this from the same place as you are. The problem is, as soon as we think we’ve figured out just what everyone is looking for, we meet people who either want new things or don’t want anything at all.

“The truth is that we live in paradise, and that seems to skew reality. While we’ve met plenty of women looking for Mr. Right, the definition varies from woman to woman. And when it comes to single guys in Southwest Florida, they seem to understand they’re a hot commodity and are none-too-willing to commit without checking out all of their options.

Tops and bests

“The top five places to meet singles in Southwest Florida: Campiello, the restaurants of Mercato, The Edison, Handsome Harry’s, Osetra Champagne Caviar Bar and Whole Foods (hey, keep an open mind).

The best lines I’ve heard:

‘Just because a girl doesn’t like you doesn’t make her a lesbian.’

‘I’m a big proponent of liquid courage.’

‘If a guy is ugly, no dog can make him cuter.’

Ongoing story

“Each week in my blog, we follow the excursions of Miss X, a local woman who’s looking for Prince Charming but finding mostly frogs. Regardless, we admire her persistence. She meets more men than a urologist at the free clinic, and yet, the perfect guy eludes her. Why? Beats us.”

I know I eagerly await Michael’s blog every Friday for the telling details on this quite adventurous slice of life here, delivered with insight and the humor that puts it in perspective. And I’m sure rooting for Miss X. Don’t we all like happy endings? Stay tuned.

Honored and thrilled

We’re pleased to announce the 10 awards our company won at the Florida Magazine Association competition this year. I celebrate all my colleagues who helped make this happen. Gulfshore Life took a First Place General Excellence Charlie for Best Overall Writing; silver awards for Best Column (“Here & Now”), Best Special Theme Issue (Feel Good issue), Best Editorial/Commentary/Opinion; and bronze awards for Best Visitor Publication, Best Public Service Coverage, Best Special Theme Issue (At Home) and Best Custom Magazine (Naples Health). Gulfshore Business got a First Place General Excellence Charlie for Best Feature Design and a silver award for Best In-Depth Reporting.

New beginnings

We’ve got a new owner. On Aug. 1, Open Sky Media Inc., a Texas-based publisher, acquired Gulfshore Life, Gulfshore Business and all our local affiliated titles. Open Sky has other regional properties in Marin, Calif.; Austin, San Antonio and Oklahoma City and intends to build an enterprise of 12 or so such publications. It’s the hot new company in the regional magazine field, and we’re proud to be part of its growth and development.

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