July 17, 2018

Singles Scene

Michael Korb explores the flirty, funny and sometimes frightening world of dating in Southwest Florida

May 2012


LoLo Jones and the Waiting Game

Photo courtesy of Olympicgirls.net. This week we learned of the current medical/physical/emotional condition of U.S. Olympian Lolo Jones, the beautiful 29-year-old hurdler who announced to the world that she is a virgin. “It’s something, a gift I want to give to my husband,” she said. “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life … Harder than training for the Olympics. Harder than studying for college…” That sounds about right to us. Thanks to the promiscuous behavior of our youth, we can’t even purchase a ticket to the Olympics. And yet, we are left to wonder at which point virginity goes from a special gift, to something the cat left outside the sliding glass door. You know, I have a container of sour cream sitting in my refrigerator that has never...

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When to Say 'No' to Date No. 2

We’ve all been there. Smack dab in the middle of date number one and already debating whether this person sitting across from us is worth another night of our time. For some, it’s an easy “yes.” For others, well, things get complicated. In fact, plenty of relationships have a shelf life of exactly one date. Why? Because we are picky. And, rightly so. (Sometimes.) We deserve someone worthy of our awesomeness. But other times, we are just too freaking picky for your own good. I’m sure we all remember someone from our dating past that we decided against that, in hindsight, we might have at least given a shot at date number two. In my youth, I was notoriously picky. I remember one lovely girl—a school teacher in New England—with whom I was fixed up. For our first (and...

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The Trouble With Men

If you Google “The Trouble With Men” you will get 599,000,000 results in .26 seconds (including the book cover you see above). Conversely, if you Google “The Trouble With Women” you 237,000,000 results in slightly less time. Statisticians among us would say this proves Google is a woman. But the problem solvers among us see this information as what it truly is: a challenge. You see, men are conundrums, wrapped in a non-too-flattering pair of khaki trousers. To almost know us is to almost love us. Of course, how we feel about you is anyone’s guess. “Men suck,” offers Heather (“I’m Not Telling You My Last Name”), a charming account executive from Cape Coral, who was both eloquent and lady-like while sitting with friends outside of Rumrunners in Cape...

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Introducing... The Divine Ms. X

“I’m sane and disease free!” If ever there was an opening line capable of breaking the ice with potential mates, that’s it. And that’s the greeting that introduced us to the woman we’ve been waiting for all our lives (or more accurately, a month or so)—our new Miss X. The woman Single Scene will be following on a weekly basis in order to learn about the trials and tribulations a real woman goes through while adrift in a sea of man-shaped fish. Best of all, she’ll make you realize that it’s not you—it’s them. So just who is our new guinea pig/ delightful lady? Here’s how she describes herself: “I’m a 41-year-old divorced mother of two teenagers. I live with my (teenage) son… So while I do have the kid thing going, he is old enough to fend for...

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