March 28, 2015

Singles Scene

Michael Korb explores the flirty, funny and sometimes frightening world of dating in Southwest Florida


St. Valentine's Day Masochist

If you are single, this Tuesday is a day meant to make you feel as though you are going to die alone. That’s the good news. The bad news is that you are going to have live through those 24 miserable hours watching other people get flowers, chocolates and cards, while they go on and on about how romantic their spouse/partner/fwb is. Ugh. It’s enough to make you consider lowering your standards just to join the party. But from a financial standpoint, the singles among us will be saving approximately $126.03 according to a recent survey conducted by the National Retail Federation. That’s how much the average idiot will spend trying to get their spouse/partner/fwb to say nice things about them to their co-workers. Thank god the rest of us are too smart for that. We won’t be...

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Know your type

As your personal singles coach (why are you ignoring that invoice I sent you?), let me be frank: You need to know what you are looking for. And perhaps more importantly, you need to know what type of person will be a good fit for you. And so, as you wander through this single life you should consider going to places that might increase your shot of meeting Miss/Mr. Right. With that said, what are you looking for? Some people live a lifestyle that really can only be accepted by others living that same lifestyle. A recent stop at Food & Thought, a 100 percent organic market in Naples, proved it to be a perfect example of a prime lifestyle hunting ground. It is full-on healthy in every direction—from its market to its café you can feel the lack of preservatives as soon as you get...

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Playing the Game

Being a nerd doesn't mean not getting the girl. Sometimes we meet people and they surprise us. Sometimes we meet people and they stun us. Then there’s Tom (not his real name). Short, follically challenged and driving a “vintage” Toyota MR2 (seriously?), Tom needs to make some major improvements just to reach average. But here’s the kicker: Tom is scoring chicks like Hugh Hefner in the ’70s (the decade, not the age). To the untrained eye, this makes absolutely no sense. Natural order would suggest Tom could score a woman rated a six (at best) once every 10 months followed by a great deal of internet use. He should only be able to increase that frequency by lowering his expectations from a six down to a four. And yet he is getting women as if he’s a movie producer...

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The unquestionable value of a good wingman

Anthony Edwards, king of the wingmen. In its original use, the term “wingman” referred to a pilot whose plane was positioned behind and outside the leader in a formation of flying aircraft. Today, and for our purposes, it means saint: a friend who is willing to help you land someone for yourself, while leaving them at the mercy of the homely chick (and/or dude). I have a friend, we’ll call him Wes (because that’s his name), who is truly the world’s greatest wingman. He is capable of spouting your praises in such a way that even you believe you are the coolest person in the room. Many a time, Wes has selflessly extolled my virtues (many of which I forgot that I had) to a lovely young woman who would then proceed to fall madly in love with me (well, that’s how I...

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For love and money:

As my father was fond of saying, “It’s as easy to love a rich one as it is a poor one.” And while conceptually that might be true, actually locating enough proper rich ones to love can be challenging. That is, until now. The Internet (you may have heard of it) has given all types of niche needs a storefront. Prefer to date only Asians? How about seniors? Have a religious preference? The Internet has you covered. And since some of us (OK, many) prefer to date people with Lamborghinis and yachts, the website exists. And, not surprisingly, more than a few locals are on it. While we are not here to “out” anyone (though we’d like to), it is interesting to understand why locals are on it: some of us are millionaires and are more comfortable dating...

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