Behind the scenes with artist Carolyn Springborn

BY September 27, 2011

We visited artist Carolyn Springborn and her husband, Robert, recently at their beautiful Enclave condominium to talk about her creative process. After two hours, we came away with the realization that artists operate on an entirely different plane than the rest of us.

Carolyn, or Connie to her friends, doesn’t think about her art. She just creates it. From acrylics to bronzes to mosaics or paper, once she decides on the medium of choice, she just gets to the business of creating, ignoring the decisions that would cripple most of us and just putting brush to canvas or glue to tile or paper to wood. Whatever happens happens and she doesn’t look back. In fact, when pressed to discuss specific pieces from her early career, she was at a loss. It was actually very refreshing to chat with an artist who is so inherently talented that she puts no more thought into it than the rest of us might in filling out a form at the dentist’s office. Yet she creates stunning works that seem to evoke more of an emotional response  from the lucky few who see it than from Springborn herself. She’s a savant whose skills have allowed her to be proficient in a remarkable number of mediums, but one who doesn’t get caught up in the details.

For that, we salute you Connie Springborn. Now, could you please make us something that matches our couch?

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