Modern rules at Judith Liegois Design

BY November 2, 2011

It’s nice to walk into a design store and be surprised by awesome modern furnishings. We’re not talking mirror-polished Danish laminate in hot orange, but rather inspired and original pieces that make a house a cool house.

When we wandered into the Judith Liegeois Design Studio/Showroom (located at 851 4th Ave. S., Naples—but moving soon to 363 12th Ave. S.), we were in love.

Life-sized chromed alligator head? Check. Chippendale style chairs upholstered in faux fur? Check. A floor-to-ceiling piece of art made out of reclaimed garden wire and candlelit mason jars? Check.

But what really jumped out at us were the horsetail reed installations and flat reed tornados (that go from the ceiling to the floor in a spectacularly chaotic tangle) by local artist Ran Adler. His stuff, alone, is worth a trip to the showroom. Thousands of individually cut pieces of reed go into each work. They’re modern and natural and perfect for any room.

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