Clive Daniel Home opens its doors today

BY November 4, 2011

View from the front door of Clive Daniel Home

On Wednesday, a few of us got a chance to tour the now-opened showroom of Clive Daniel Home, located on U.S. 41 in the old Robb & Stucky building. Its location isn’t the only thing linking this new one-stop furniture shop to Robb & Stucky—it’s actually owned by Clive and Dan Lubner, the father-and-son duo previously at the R&S helm.

Clive himself and his lovely wife, Sunny, led us around the huge space, which has made a noticeable transformation from its former brand. There’s a lot less Mediterranean influence (which brought a huge sigh of relief from me, a home and design editor who, for one, is more than a bit weary of that look). Instead, sleeker, cleaner lines reign, with cool, neutral color palettes and a dash of coastal influence.

The displays are done eclectically, Clive said, not as collections, so customers and designers can envision the pieces individually as they relate to their own spaces. There’s a smooth flow from space to space, too—the West Indies style flows into something more traditional (but “new traditional,” Clive emphasized), into contemporary, into colorful, beach-home-appropriate furnishings.

Chrome contemporary lighting juxtaposed over a washed-wood table characterizes Clive Daniel Home’s fresh aesthetic.

It doesn’t stop there, though. It literally is a one-stop shop, complete with sections for linens, kitchens, home theaters and closets (customizable to match your bedroom, of course). A high-tech office with TVs allows clients to communicate with their architects, designers or anyone else, anywhere in the world with a say in design selections, and sales associates also can immediately pull up complete furniture collections right on their iPads without having to locate and leaf through catalogs. There’s also a wine boutique well-equipped for wine tastings and something akin to a mini-Anthropologie gift shop with jewelry priced under $100 and soaps from local Naples Soap Co.

Really, it’s not just a place to buy furniture anymore. The goal, Clive said, is to give people a place to come and hang out. And maybe buy some furniture. Check it out for yourself today as it officially opens to the public.

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