Get your face pampered like a princess, or prince

BY December 17, 2011

Being a man, I can’t say that I ever had that many things in common with the late Princess Diana: Prince Charles never cheated on me with a spindly spinster nor had I ever taken to landmine removal in a third-world country. But now I do have something in common with William and Harry’s mum: I just got a facial that was designed especially for Princess Di in London. Susan Watts, a local esthetician whose super-clean pores drip with British charm, is likely the only person on this side of the pond trained in the technique. She calls it “The Signature.”

It involves a combination of deep cleansing and facial massage that literally seems to take years off your face (for about five days before you slowly return to pre-facial status–hey, that’s better than you’ve got right now). It’s so good that earlier this year Elton John was fighting to get an appointment with the originating London spa (Janet Filderman) prior to “the wedding.” What wedding? THE WEDDING!

It seems that in addition to Sir Elton, Kiera Knightley, Rachel Weiss and Uma Thurman all LOVE this facial. And for good reason.

You can rest assured that your skin is in good hands with Watts, the only certified clinical oncology esthetician in Southwest Florida. First, she starts by giving you two complete deep cleanses with pure, organic cleansers. Then, she goes to town on your skin with a pore-sucking vacuum which, according to Watts not only cleans your pores  but also exfoliates and improves circulation. It’s certainly kinda gross when you think about it, but luckily your eyes are covered with cool rose oil-soaked cotton pads that keep you from seeing exactly what is being sucked out of those pores. Our advice: focus on the sounds of nature CD playing in the background. She then massages your face to encourage greater circulation and proper drainage. A firming mask and vitamin moisturizer finishes things up and you leave feeling as though you’ve taken 10 years off your face. Trust us, it’s beyond awesome.

If you have an important event coming up, you definitely want to schedule an appointment with Watts. For just $95, people will marvel at your youthful glow. They do ours. Prince Charles doesn’t know what he’s missing. Check out

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