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BY January 14, 2012

As my father was fond of saying, “It’s as easy to love a rich one as it is a poor one.” And while conceptually that might be true, actually locating enough proper rich ones to love can be challenging. That is, until now. The Internet (you may have heard of it) has given all types of niche needs a storefront. Prefer to date only Asians? How about seniors? Have a religious preference? The Internet has you covered. And since some of us (OK, many) prefer to date people with Lamborghinis and yachts, the website exists. And, not surprisingly, more than a few locals are on it.

While we are not here to “out” anyone (though we’d like to), it is interesting to understand why locals are on it: some of us are millionaires and are more comfortable dating other successful people. (In their defense, waitressing single mothers can be such a bother after date no. 3.) Recently, a local single socialite told me over cocktails that what she was looking for was “just a normal guy.” But after listening to a few minutes of her recent dating exploits, it was clear she wasn’t ever going to find a “normal” guy—well, not in the Ambassador’s Club at Atlanta International. “Normal” guys don’t fly you across country for first dates. But then another socialite (seriously, they are all over the place) explained to me that I was confused by terminology. She explained that my “normal” means employees, while the socialite’s normal means employers. You see the difference? It’s like when I say I’m looking for a “nice girl.” What I mean by that is a Victoria’s Secret model from a good family. Tomato, Tomahto.

Nevertheless, what’s nice about (MM)is that it requires you to prove your worth—literally (they require your tax return). If you make more than $150,000 a year, you go in one category and if you check the “prefer not to disclose” box, you’re poor. (You can also choose “I am the heir to a large fortune” as an option, which is our personal favorite.) As always, being young and gorgeous trumps wealth, so even if you’re not well off financially, you can still join MM.

“I’m meeting guys that totally cover the gamut,” says one local MM user. “From super successful guys just looking for a playmate to diggers just looking for sugar mommas—seriously, there is a huge block of young Latino guys looking to be taken care of. But, for example, there was one guy who messaged me last night. He was so cute. He reminds me of Bluto from Popeye—he owns a manufacturing business and the only two pictures of himself are of him working with his employees. It was so cute. He’s 67 and obviously just looking for some companionship. Others are just so busy with their businesses that they don’t have time for a normal social life. Still others have sold their businesses and just want to play.”

And speaking of playing, the people you can meet on MM have some exciting hobbies, which other millionaires tend to like: such as racing cars, yachting, spelunking Guatemalan sink holes. On, you’d probably just find someone who likes scrap-booking or cutting the sleeves off their Rush concert Ts. That’s why MM is so appealing. The locals we know on it are getting some quality action from people with exceptional backgrounds and very cool interests. The truth is that when you’re super successful you don’t really have the time to go out and meet that certain someone. streamlines the process and helps you seal the deal without a lot of downtime. And what could be more romantic than that?

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