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Know your type

BY February 3, 2012

As your personal singles coach (why are you ignoring that invoice I sent you?), let me be frank: You need to know what you are looking for. And perhaps more importantly, you need to know what type of person will be a good fit for you. And so, as you wander through this single life you should consider going to places that might increase your shot of meeting Miss/Mr. Right. With that said, what are you looking for? Some people live a lifestyle that really can only be accepted by others living that same lifestyle. A recent stop at Food & Thought, a 100 percent organic market in Naples, proved it to be a perfect example of a prime lifestyle hunting ground. It is full-on healthy in every direction—from its market to its café you can feel the lack of preservatives as soon as you get out of your car.

It’s one of those places where you can start a conversation with a stranger, knowing that you could connect at the very least on a level of wanting to live healthier lives. (A potential pick-up line might be, “It feels so good to have that polysorbate 80 out of my system. And definitely no more methylchlorisothaizolinone for me. How’s your regularity?) Who knows what kind of crazy person you might end up with at a regular grocery store? One minute you’re looking at a cute brunette in the fresh vegetables and the next thing you know he/she has run off with someone forcing Twinkies on Little Debbie. All we’re saying is that you set yourself up for failure at a traditional grocery store. That’s assuming you are dedicated to your health. If not, by all means pick strangers up at Sweetbay or Publix. People gotta eat. Hey, who are we to judge.

Anyway, our lunchtime excursion to Food & Thought proved it’s a well-stocked sea full of fish. Single guys and single gals of all ages poured in and out, mingling over the eggplants and avocados. From tall and thin to short and thin, it was quite a variety. Although, and maybe this is just me, but healthy people never seem to look a lot healthier than the rest of us. And sometimes less so. At least on the outside—which is where I tend to look (most of the time).

Regardless, there is a lot of down time at Food & Thought, where other shoppers spend time debating which head of lettuce to choose or whether they’d prefer glass of wheatgrass with their sprouted grain pancakes or an Energizer Bunny veggie juice drink (featuring real bee pollen!). It gives you time to strike up a conversation with the ones you think are cute. Or compatible. Or healthiest.

Remember, this is all about maximizing quality meets and you could do worse than Food & Thought. By the way, it’s closed on Sundays, so you can continue to use that day to pray you meet the person of your dreams. If nothing else, we highly recommend the Raw Almond Joy chocolate pie—they say it’s healthy as we choose to believe them.

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