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Custom threads for a well-tailored man

BY March 6, 2012

If I were to shout “Let’s go shopping!” in a room full of people, I can confidently state that most of the women would shriek with glee and I’d be knocked over in the rush to get to the nearest point of retail relief. In contrast, most of the men would elicit a dull groan and do their best to slip unseen out of the emergency exits.

Gentlemen, help is at hand: if you despair of shopping because you can’t find things to fit you, that suit you, or simply that your choices are limited, custom clothing may be what you’ve been looking for.  With customized clothing, your choices increase enormously.Your garment is tailored to fit your body and proportions, and the fun part is that you choose the colors, the type of fabric and many other details even down to the buttons. 

It’s tempting to think that the expense of a customized garment is only justified by a special occasion (such as a wedding), but if you apply a cost-per-wear formula for the items you wear on a regular basis, they might well warrant the extra expense.

Joseph’s Custom Clothiers, recently opened at the Shoppes at Naples Bay Resort, 1500 Fifth Ave. S., Suite AS-102, offers everything from ties to tuxedos, sports coats to shorts, and the accessories to go with them.

Cutting your cloth to suit your personal style might very well be a smart choice.

Fashion expert Cheryl Lampard is the founder of Style Matters International, www.stylemattersinternational.com

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